• Development and improvement of communication skills, letters in English by the subject "Highways". Safety road construction work zones. The history of bridge and tunnel building. Construction vehicle blind spots. Flexible (asphaltic concrete) pavements.

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  • Analysis of a key competences of lifelong learning through the challenges faced by higher education in the XXI century. English for specific purpose classroom. The methods how to teach students to learn learning to learn competence at the tertiary level.

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  • Analysis of the standards developed for the components of unit tests for courses "English for specific purposes" for Ukrainian universities. The inclusion in the module test structure of tasks aimed at evaluating reading, speaking, writing, using words.

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  • Innovative approaches to the teaching of languages, the circumstances of their origin, the connection with linguistic and psychological scientific developments. Elements that can be applied in the process of teaching English of a professional orientation.

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  • Developing students 'specialized' foreign language communicative competence. Characterization of the functional vocabulary of English. The distinctive features of an autistic professional and authentic technical texts. Terminologicheskii thesaurus.

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  • Theoretical and practical material on grammar, vocabulary, oral speech in English. Blocks of tasks in spoken language, reading, writing and final tasks of the unit, as well as illustrative linguistic material in the form of proverbs, sayings, jokes.

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  • Grammatical job with creative exercises on the basis of professional terminology, which were created by the compilers. Check grammar skills by means of tests. Guide to the development of communication skills in the field of professional communication.

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  • Selection and translation types of subordinate clauses: adverbial, additional and definitive. Definition of the functions should, would. Impersonal forms of verbs. Pronoun-substitutes for nouns. The use of reinforcement structures in the sentence.

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  • Providing some examples of literate establishment of a verb in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Methods for producing sentences in the present tense. Еxample of language means speech for English-Russian and Russian-English text translations.

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  • Components of intonation and the structure of English intonation group. The phonological aspect of intonation. Pronunciation and intonation achievement factors. Dynamic approach to rhytmization and intonation phrasing. Two main functions of intonation.

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  • Changing the vocabulary of the English language throughout history, the emergence of new words and lexical forms. Latin and Greek roots as an important source for the formation of English words. The reasons for borrowing words from foreign languages.

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  • Analysis of the needs of future radio engineers to learn English and the role of information technology among these needs. The need to develop programs for teaching professionally oriented English language that would satisfy the needs of students.

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  • Electric currents and their properties. Units of electricity and measuring devices. The construction and the principle of operation electric machines. Application of generators and their parallel operation. Types of Motors and their distinctive.

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  • Characteristic features of word and word-groups. Lexicology how the part of linguistics which deals with the vocabulary. The different processes of assimilation or adaptation of the English words. Basic units of lexicology. Types of morphemes and words.

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  • Branches of lexicology. Borrowings in English. Word structure in Modern English. Morphemic analysis and shortening of words. Types of semantic change. Classification of homonyms. Dialects of English. Neologisms and occasional words, phraseological units.

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  • The issue of language contacts. Analyzes the interaction of Ukrainian and English languages in the economic and cultural conditions of modern Ukraine, influenced by the social situation of language behavior, based on the functional typology of languages.

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  • The definition of concept and term "neologism". Methods of forming and translation neologisms. Means of translation of modern neologisms. Translating difficulties of neologisms in the modern vocabulary and lexical transformations of neologisms in texts.

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  • Stages in learning painting Peter Lely, a master work Guild of Saint Luke in Haarlem. Characteristics of the main features of the works Wollaston's. The main features of images Peter Lely's, his innovations. The process of working on sculptures Flaxman.

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  • Works of unknown English painters and well-known one, some interesting facts about their life's. The biography of Peter Lely – the first English painter who has left "an enormous mass of work". John Flaxman. William James Linton as a great illustrator.

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  • Phraseology how a new linguistics science. A degree for motivation of the phrases. The basic principles by academician Vinogradov in the Russian language, which may be also taken in English language. The studies set expressions and stock phrases.

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