• The relations between empiricism and ekstenzionalizm theories. Their internal communication with a reductionism. Kantian distinction between the regulative and the constitutive theses. Their interpretation about the nature of knowledge and of language.

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  • Investigation of the role of human resources in a global crisis. The study of the main factors affecting the motivation of staff. An analysis of the reason for the lack of employee satisfaction. Creation of an opportunity for training and promotion.

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  • Analysis of the employer's social responsibility in the field of personnel development, the definition of training needs in accordance with the company's strategy, the choice of programs, methods of training. Service-professional promotion of employees.

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  • Modern social and cultural discourse. Analysis of the system-based approach (SBA) ideas development according to epistemological levels of cognition. New definitions of discourse and further develop discourse theory based upon new groundings of systems.

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  • General characteristics of the english labor market model, basic functions. The foregoing features of wage rules in a nonstationary environment. Analysis of the actual wage, which is in the middle of bargaining set for the median productivity state.

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  • The current state of employment the population in Ukraine is analyzed. Definitions of such key concepts as the right to work and employment of the population. Social problems of employment of the population of Ukraine as the main issue of public policy.

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  • Bangladesh as a small country located to the North-East of India, which surrounds it, consideration to geographic location. Characteristics of the workforce. Familiarity with the legal system of Bangladesh. Familiarity with the activities of Grameen Bank.

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  • Analysis of the actual position of Ukraine in world trade and the prospects of change in conditions of internationalization of capital, the scale of transnationalization. Factors that affect the implementation of export-import operations in Ukraine.

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  • The structural, theoretical and synthetic properties of enamines which act as important intermediates in many syntheses of organic compounds containing oxygen. Cycloaddition reactions, electrochemistry, hydrolysis and biochemistry of metalated enamines.

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  • Decoding techniques for fast correlation attacks. Description of cryptographic protection. Enforcement mechanism and decision function. Elgamal digital signature scheme. Conceptual model of an authorization architecture. Binary Euclidean algorithm.

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  • The dietary reference intakes. Nutrients and other food substances. Food-health connection. Planning meals selecting healthful foods plus two weeks of menus. Preparing healthful meals. The bottom line on food safety. Refrigerating or freezing food.

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  • Mercantilism is the doctrine that economic activity, especially foreign trade, should be directed to unifying and strengthening state power. A metropolitan is the chief prelate in an ecclesiastical territory that usually coincided with a civil province.

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  • Description of the reasons for the disappearance of types of illegal hunting, deforestation, pollution of water bodies. Statistics reduce some species of animals in Ukraine. The red book as a collection of endangered species of animals and plants.

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  • Epidemiology, general considerations. Epidemiology vs. experimental and clinical studies. Associations and causality. What can endodontical epidemiology contribute. Changes in disease prevalence. Measurements-validity and reliability of criteria used.

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  • Dentinal dysplasia is a hereditary disturbance in dentine formation. In this anomaly, teeth in both primary and secondary dentitions are affected, and radiographically show short and blunted roots with obliterated root canals and periapical pathosis.

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  • The dependencies of energy flow density and energy density on wave vector for different magnitudes of external magnetic field are analyzed. The sign of the Poynting vector in each plasma region is investigated. The velocity of energy propagation is found.

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  • The modern problems of development of renewable energy sources as an integral part of local and regional economies. Research of financial-economic security in Ukraine. The impact of renewable energy on the production and finances of Ukrainian citizens.

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  • Review and analysis of physical and numerical modeling of the field emission energy conversion nanoscale systems. Study and characterization of the main features of the systems with a cathodes based on an array of carbon nanotubes or quantum dots.

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  • Determination of the energy efficiency of the system of mutual loading of electric traction. Selection of rational option circuit design stands for acceptance testing of electric traction and the industrial transport. Methods for compensation of losses.

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  • Analysis of achievements in the problem of energy loss in piezoceramic resonators. A description of the methodology of experimental determination of loss factors energy and communications, mechanical quality factor at resonance and anti-resonance.

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