• Most Enterococcus species and their habitat. A scanning electron micrograph of a dividing cell. Virulence and pathogenicity of enterococci. Modulation of the host immune response. Antimicrobial resistance of enterococci. E. faecalis and biofilm formation.

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  • Increase of competitiveness of the company at present stage of business development. Analysis of management effectiveness in all areas of activity: industrial, commercial, purchasing, financial, investment. Ways to improve the company's competitiveness.

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  • The calculations and the relationship of main economic indicators that characterize the results and the effectiveness of the telecommunications business. Accounting of the main problems with situational. Baseline complex tasks that enable its use.

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  • The implementation of the patient information management system as the vital importance for overall healthcare development. The case study of the "Primary Radiology Group" in a town in Australia. The example of information solutions for business.

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  • Research of the basic directions on management of incomes by the enterprises in modern conditions of managing. Evaluation of the conditions affecting the formation of the company's revenues and the development of measures aimed at their growth.

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  • The socio-cultural role of entertainment television in youth education. The rationale for the use of the entertainment as a necessary component of the entertainment, which needs the presence of the viewer with his complicity, empathy and co-creation.

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  • Analysis of new missions and tasks of institutions of higher education in the knowledge society. The formation of linkages between educational institutions, government, society and business. The analysis of the concept of "entrepreneurial University".

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  • The term "entrepreneur", which most people recognize as meaning someone who organizes and assumes the risk of a business in return for the profits. According to Cantillon's original formulation, the entrepreneur is a specialist in taking on risk.

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  • The inescapable problems for empirical study of entrepreneurship. The Schumpeterian Model Extended: Allocation of Entrepreneurship. Changes in the Rules and Changes in Entrepreneurial Goals. The allocation between productive and unproductive activities.

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  • Analysis of the alternative marketing strategies of entering new markets. Characteristics of investment options of foreign companies entry to the market of Western Serbia. Recommendations for increasing the attractiveness of the national economy.

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  • Combinatorial description. Teichmuller curves. Recurrence relation. Asymptotics of numbers of branched coverings of a torus, volumes of moduli spaces of holomorphic differentials. The character of the infinite wedge representation. Cylinder decomposition.

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  • Analysis of information on the ecological environment of Mongolia in three areas. Environmental policy and program of action, the attention of the country's top leadership to environmental issues, stakeholder participation and development trends.

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  • Recommendations for technical solutions and volumes of transfer of municipal boiler-houses on solid fuel to save natural gas. The results of the monitoring of the air environment of cities in Western Europe and the study of the spectrum of pollutants.

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  • The analysis of available variety assortment and grain yields of different varieties of spring small cereals: barley, oat, wheat and triticale in the environmental crop variety testing, depending on the changing hydrothermal conditions are presented.

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  • The influence of the environmental education on the process of the socialization of the school children. The history of the existence and the development of the environmental education and problems of system of the environmental education and upbringing.

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  • The ecological education of European youth was studied during the lessons of the English language. The main model of ecological education of students in the English language lessons is considered, which is used for effective learning of English.

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  • Study of the current state of discussions on problems and potential benefits of improving the market access to environmental goods. Study of the Czech Republic’s trade with environmental goods and the development after the entry to the European Union.

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  • Use the Kuznets curve to analyze the relationship of economic development and environmental performance. Comparison of macroeconomic indicators of the Czech economy in the socialist and market period. Study of the dynamics of carbon dioxide emissions.

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  • Illustration the environmental legacy of the Olympic Games since Ancient Greece and through to the Sochy-2014 Winter Games. The main stages of the environmental policy of organizational structures Olympics. Analysis of trends environmental program.

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  • Examining environmental management education experience in the most recognized universities worldwide and compares with Ukrainian practice. Management of natural resources, ecological audit, ecological expertise and environmental risk management topics.

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