• Применение тампонажного цемента, обеспечивающего безопасность и эксплуатационную пригодность нефтегазовых скважин. Инновационное решение для получения облегченного цемента. Многофункциональная добавка МПК-1 для буферных жидкостей и цементных растворов.

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  • The development of modern technologies that have made it possible to significantly expand the boundaries of the concept of landscape design. Comprehensive use of a sustainable design method that brings aesthetic comfort and a healthy indoor environment.

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  • The specifics of international construction projects. Supply chain management in the oil and gas industry. Practical steps to optimize SCM costs in the context of risk management in international construction projects by the Siberian gas pipeline.

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  • Parliament or Westminster Palace clock tower. Big Ben - this beautiful Gothic building is the throne of the Queen and place the Lord Chancellor. Little China in Central London. National gallery - renowned collection of European painting XIII-XX centuries.

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  • M9 - a high-level and extremely flexible urban planning solution that shows how you can innovate and at the same time have an eye for the past. The city's historical center of Mestre - one of the alternative to the cultural attractions of Venice.

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  • History of construction and description of the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort complex of high density, located in Singapore, which includes hotel, conference centre, shopping centre, art science Museum, two theaters, six restaurants and a casino.

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  • Analysis of the importance of the urban space of Vyborg. Acquaintance with the central monuments of the city. General characteristics of the idea of a holistic finity. Consideration of the main features of the Central City Library of Alvar Aalto.

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  • The application of methods of optimization during designing decorating architectural objects. The historical review of becoming of the theory of optimization as sciences from sources up to modern methods on the basis of author’s schemes is resulted.

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  • Рассмотрен общественно-развлекательный центр в Севилье (Испания) Metropol Parasol как шедевр современного градостроительства. Показаны особенности архитектурной конструкции Metropol Parasol. Материалы, использованные для возведения общественного центра.

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  • Philosophical context of paradigm shift: tradition – modernity – postmodernity. Study of the processes taking place in architecture. The criteria of works of art as a result of abandoning the semantic binary oppositions typical of postmodernism.

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  • Aesthetic, plastic, architectural and design features of the existence of typical mirrored interiors in the Persian tradition. The main features of the synthesis of glass-mirror sculptural elements, precious stones and silver plates in such complexes.

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  • Description the study of geosystem structure, development and functioning. Overview of the role and need for integrated landscape science. Overview of the modern technology for mapping of geosystems. Overview of landscape planning levels and modules.

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  • Study the creation of multimodal composite Portland cement with optimal filling of voids that are Sinergia combination of ultrafine mineral additives and superplasticizers. Definition of the relationship between microstructure and durability of cement.

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  • Hydroxyurethane compounds from renewable plant-based raw materials. Nanostructured composites based on interpenetrated polymer networks. Comparison physical properties of conventional insulation hybrid materials. Polyurethanes based on cyclic carbonates.

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  • Using the polymer networks (IPN) principle in production of composite materials. Features of the epoxy and acrylate polyurethanes. Nanostructured composites based on interpenetrated polymer networks: kinds, classification, properties, application.

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  • Chelsea club and chelsea world of sport. Serpentine gallery pavilion. The charioteer statue, archaeological museum of delphi and Hong Kong museum of coastal defence. Rooms at Royal academy, Burlington House and Greenwich. American community school.

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  • Consideration of the preparation of sorbents for adsorption of polymers on their surface. Their modification in solutions and the creation of composite materials, in particular polymer. Definition of disadvantages of adsorbents as sorbents for plastics.

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  • Search for high-quality and cost-effective technologies for road construction. Technology repair and restoration of roads. Measures to prevent wear and strengthen the roadway. Transition to a new type of road concrete - fibrobasalt slag-alkaline concrete.

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  • The most outstanding buildings of the Chinese People’s Republic for the last decade are observed. The contemporary projecting and construction techniques with the use of steel structures are analyzed for large-scale projects. Analyses of modem design.

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  • This paper analyzes materials, which extend abilities of architects, engineers, designers all over the world and make building cheaper and simpler, or more complicated, but more enjoyable, adding to modern architectural sphere something fresh.

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  • Historical development of architectural forms and the emergence of the concept of nonlinear architectural design. Analysis of the natural intentions and spiritual needs of a person in accordance with the development of architecture and landscape theory.

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  • Definition concrete mixture composition with the additives of zeolitic tuff and superplasticizer was optimized by the method of mathematical planning of experiment. Study the basic methods to improve the strength of concrete at a later age hardening.

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  • Consideration of the main way of formation and development of the Nakhchivan School of Architecture. Tombs, which are valuable examples of Nakhchivan architecture. Valuable sights created by the outstanding architect Ajami Abubakr ogla Nakhchivani.

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  • Passive house as a strict, voluntary standard of energy efficiency in the building, reducing its ecological footprint in nature. The basic building requirements of the Passivhaus standard. Features achieve a significant reduction in heat consumption.

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  • Development process of modern Chinese style in the interior design and its peculiarities. Uncovered as the secret of high-tech objects creation with the esteem of Chinese cultural traditions. The famous Jin Mao building as one of the examples of Chinese s

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  • Characteristic features of the architectural solutions of existing foreign rehabilitation centers. The main approaches to the design of the most successful rehabilitation centers in the UK, Japan and Germany. Features of architectural solutions.

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  • Development of off-site folding construction of building structures in terms of environmental safety and economic efficiency of utilize. Approaches to the construction of facilities at low temperatures, in a short time and on an unstable soil base.

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  • Characteristics of study results colocating method dampfmuhlenweg parameters of vibration in the constructions with the addition of zeolite on the example of three models containing a modified binder in which the concrete was replaced with zeolite.

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  • The principles of formation of energy-efficient systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning of residential buildings of medium height are considered. The analysis of requirements to modern systems of climate control of premises is carried out.

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  • Changchun as a unique history and culture, a lot of puppet Manchukuo period of the building, these buildings, part of the Japanese local architects to participate in the design, most of the time was set up in the northeastern region of Japan's building.

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