• The technological characteristics of the antique and early medieval ceramic samples in the territory of Djalilabad based on archeological methods. From this point of view, it is important to identify the organization of the work ceramic art process.

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  • Griboedovsky yard as a typical small urban noble estate, fenced off by a fence of boards. The destruction of the house Griboyedov in a fire. Restoration, architectural reconstruction of the building, the division of the former possessions of Griboyedov.

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  • The problem of analyzing symbolism in the architecture of Orthodox churches. Analysis of scientific works related to the study of the symbol of the cross in material culture, - including architectural objects located on the territory of Ukraine.

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  • Domed cover as relevant and architecturally expressive design. The study of stress-strain state of thin concrete shells-domes. Comparative characteristics of surfaces in similar geometric forms. The definition of more rational forms of the two possible.

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  • Removing geometric constraints from the private construction sector law - method, which allows an increase in the diversity of housing units and takes into account more diverse needs of families. A place attachment - important element for designers.

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  • Fabrication of reinforcement cages as one of the main technological operations of construction of buildings. The analysis of prospects of use of threaded connections of reinforcing bars as the most technologically advanced and cost-effective way.

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  • The park - the type of territory, which planted with the greenery zone within a residential or industrial area. Characteristics of the architectural features of the courtyard of Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

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  • Familiarization with the history of creation of the Plaza Mayor which was built during Philip III's reign and is a central plaza in the city of Madrid in Spain. Learning architecture of the museum del Prado, financial district AZCA, Almudena cathedral.

    презентация (1,7 M)
  • A review of the cultural life of the Orthodox population of the North-Western Azov region in the 19th - early 20th centuries, related to church construction in their settlements. The place of church construction in the inner life of local communities.

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  • History of creation a house-lock. Burst out laughing at the centre of Moscow. Analysis of architectural styles and interiors. Building evaluation by his contemporaries. The use of the Morozov’s mansion as the Reception House of the Russian Government.

    презентация (5,8 M)
  • Identifying of planning and three-dimensional features of Moldovan bastion structures, determining their classification features and typological characteristics. The most significant bastion fortifications on the bank of the Dniester and Danube rivers.

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  • Investigation of the basic methods of calculating bearing capacity of reinforced concrete strengthened in different ways. The establishment features reception calculation data on the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete beams designed building.

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  • Big Ben as a bell tower in London, part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. The mystery of the origin of its name. The construction of the tower project of the English architect Pugin O. in 1859. Interesting facts about Big Ben.

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  • Определение единственно возможного образования формы архитектуры в соответствии с внешними факторами. Характеристика идеологии рассматриваемой архитектурной группы. Анализ тенденции к использованию "компьютирования" в ходе архитектурного проектирования.

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  • Современные методы информационного проектирования. Создание 3D моделей зданий и сооружений. Регулирование хода строительных работ программными средствами. Расчёт параметров элементов конструкций, подбор материалов. Эксплуатация объекта с помощью датчиков.

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  • Analysis of the effect of the washing liquid on the quality of cementation of the Deposit. The study of the grouting systems of microsilica – additives DBM-1 and DBM natural zeolite-2 and the effect of a mixture of cement and formation of microstructure.

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  • Определение и преимущества Building Information Modeling. Проблемы внедрения BIM проектирования в строительные организации в России: отсутствие нормативно-правовой базы, высокая стоимость программного обеспечения, отсутствие квалифицированных кадров.

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  • The use of iron oxide (III) as a ceramic pigment. Method of obtaining of pigment with the addition of lanthanum. The calcination temperature and results of thermal and colorimetric analyses, infrared and UV-visible spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

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  • The Chinese constructed a variety of buildings, but the chief structures were Budhist temples and many-storied towers called pagodas. The distinguish several periods with characteristic architectural traditions and styles that are unique to them.

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  • The current state and problems of designing residential buildings in China, directions of development of a modern residential building. Evaluation of residential design, high-rise building structures. Planning, energy saving, lighting, ventilation.

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  • Construction of the Church of the Annunciation of Christ in 1892. Khrushchev's visit to the church in a trip to the Crimea. Restoration of the church after the visit of Gorbachev’s wife during the construction of the President’s summer residence.

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  • St. Nicholas Church in Vladimir. The main altar of the Kazan Church. The construction of a new temple in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and of the Candlemas Church on the shore of Klyazma on the orders of the Grand Duke Bogolyubsky.

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  • Выбор формы здания, обеспечивающей минимальные теплопотери в холодный период и минимальные теплопоступления в теплый период года. Применение светопрозрачных ограждающих конструкций для использования в здании преимущественно естественного освещения.

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  • The role of construction in the history of mankind and in the erection of buildings and constructions. The implementation by the civil engineer of a wide variety of processes that require a high level of professional training and personal qualities.

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  • The development of wooden construction in Russia - the reason for the development of unified principles in the design of architecture, which led to the mass nature of such buildings. The principles of Chinese traditional wooden house construction.

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  • Analysis of the specifics of architectural and artistic design, improvement of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk during the rule of the Soviet totalitarian system. Gains and disadvantages in the practice of housing, industrial and communal construction.

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  • Ways of using local raw clay for the manufacture of building materials of sufficiently high quality and in the development of technologies applied to the multicolored polymer of decorative and protective coatings for the purpose of facing the monuments.

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  • Determining the formation and development of urban processes in the USSR and Ukraine. Research of the content of the ideas of the socialist city and industrial housing. Advantages of panel construction and division of urban space into neighborhoods.

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  • Study of the history of the children’s railway and its stations. Consideration of the features of the construction process. The projects of the children’s railway of architects Yakovlev and Anisimova. The stations of "Homeland" and "Mayakovsky".

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  • Consideration of rural housing as a mass construction object. Characteristics of the national architectural art of Ukraine. Comprehensive study of the technology of erecting walls of folk housing for Ukrainians in the Middle and Lower Naddnepryanschyna.

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