• Analyzes of beginnings of creative work of Ukrainian conductors L. Turkevych and Y.-O. Sadovskyi and their choir guidance in Ukraine, in "displaced people camps" of the Western Europe and in emigration to North America. Recognition of the choir "Vatra".

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  • Биографические сведения из жизни Андрей Ширмана. Творческая деятельность DJ Smash, получение престижной премии Night Life Awards, победа в номинации "Лучший DJ", получение национальной музыкальной премии "Золотой граммофон". Секрет успеха музыканта.

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  • Introduction to the Beatles which were a hugely successful band, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey). Consideration of the particularities their creation and the most popular songs of the band.

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  • Early life and career. Second studio album "Peligro". English transition with Laundry Service. Shakira before her Tour of the Mongoose. The album's second single, "Did It Again". The appearance of Shakira in the Colombian telenovela "El Oasis" in 1994.

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  • The music is present in all spheres of life, from birthdays to weddings, education to hobbies. Negative effects of listening to music on study progress. Listening to music helps to learn. Classical music has positive influence on learning process.

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  • The history of the formation of the group Nirvana by K. Cobain and K. Novoselic. Nirvana release first single "Love Buzz". Participation Chris Albini to record the album "Puss"/"Oh, the Guilt". The making of the music video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

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  • Concept and general characteristics of pop music, the history of its development and features. Famous performers acting in the musical style. International festivals and competitions, the participants and prizes, current state and prospects of the main.

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  • Biography of the pop star, composer and author of songs by J. Lennon. His early childhood and youth. The creation of the first group the "Quarry Man" and the emergence of the Beatles. The story of Beatlemania in the world. The tragic death of Lennon.

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  • The history of Chinese rock music. The Open Door Policy: new policy and new music. Yaogun – Chinese rock’n’roll. Official attitude towards changes in youth culture and spread of rock-music in China. Tang Dynasty, Black Panther, Chinese heavy metal bands.

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  • The origins and traditions of Ancient Music UK. Areas of Madrigal British school based on the Italian model, in the fifties and in the modern period. Long history of border ballads Northumbria. Features and stages of development of British rock music.

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  • Roza Rymbayeva is a Soviet and Kazakh singer, the national artist of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, the national artist of the USSR. She became the national artist at the age of 28. Her repertoire includes songs of Kazakh and foreign composers.

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  • The origin of the ancient Slavic music. The evolution of musical styles promoted by the composers, instrumentalists and singers. Especially folk and Church songs. The contribution of Russian composers of XVIII-XX centuries to the Fund of world art.

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  • The role of the musical components as a whole of the modern show. The functional intend of the musical constituent of the integrity of the show as a business organization. Materials by the specifics of description of show-structures in business actions.

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  • История основания британской рок-группы "The Beatles". Состав рассматриваемого музыкального коллектива. Начало гастрольной деятельности и первые альбомы ансамбля. Мировая популярность и творческие разногласия между участниками легендарной четверки.

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  • Consideration of the history of the band the Beatls and its composition: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Acquainting with their creativity (movies and albums "Revolver", "With the Beatles") and phenomenon of the beatlemania.

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  • The history of the development of the American and British rock music, its relation to political activities. The expression of youth revolt against the consumer society. Analysis of the famous artists of the style. Musical instruments used at concerts.

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  • The American revolution in music. Review the history of the emergence of Jazz. Features the music of country style. Elvis Presley - a most popular American singer, musician and actor. The development of literature, cinema and art in the United States.

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  • Principle of concerts as a style attribute of a choral concert of the end of the XVII-XVIII century. His rethinking in the concerts of Ukrainian composers. The analysis of a choral concert, in which the signs of concerts lose their significance.

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  • Information about the life and work of the great composer W. A. Mozart. Youth, training and the beginning of the creative path of the composer. Feature most famous works and musical style. The myths and legends surrounding the identity of the composer.

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  • Вивчення життєвого шляху та творчої діяльності Анатолія Йосиповича Кос-Анатольського - українського композитора та народного артиста. Дитинство у Коломиї та студентські роки. Навчання у вищому музичному інституті імені М.В. Лисенка. Хорові пісні, кантати.

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