• Characteristics of Libya, the social conditions, the state of the economy and government policy. Historical background and current activities of the Organizations of the United Nations to protect human rights. Comparative analysis of fragile States.

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  • Процес розвитку вищої освіти країн колишнього Радянського Союзу в нових соціальних і культурних умовах. Обґрунтування тенденції скорочення освіти до навчання. Гуманітарні та фундаментальні знання як чинники формування особистості у системі вищої освіти.

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  • Designing for maximum usability. The essential characteristics of rules in the form of standards and guidelines in order to enhance the interactive properties of the system. Principles of flexibility and robustness. HCI design patterns and golden rules.

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  • Features of testing on the usability, functionality and acceptability of an interactive system. Some approaches, based on expert evaluation: review, query techniques, analytic and model-based methods. Principles of choosing ways of measurements.

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  • Universal design principles. Peculiarities of using multi-sensory systems. Applying speech, non-speech, sound, touch, handwriting and gestures in multi-modal systems. Recognition problems in interactive computer systems. Personal orientation of design.

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  • The concept of human-machine interface. Three types of human-machine interface. The picture of human-machine interaction. The history of the development of human-computer interaction. The first generation of computers Areas and examples of application.

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  • Analysis of students' aspirations carrier after graduation and five years. Differences arising from the family business and their students the most important social factors. Impact of availability and use of services offered by higher institutions.

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  • Preparing cured hybrid epoxy-amine hydroxyurethane-grafted polymer by novel structure with lengthy epoxy-amine chains, pendulous hydroxyurethane units and a controlled number of cross-links. Using their increased flexibility for manufacturing of leather.

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  • Testing TimePix micropixel chip as a detector of low energy ions in a focal plane of the laser mass-spectrometer. A unity of pixels over ion mass. Creating "electronic focal plane" of a mass-spectrometer with obvious advantages of real time devices.

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  • Hybrid Systems Definition. Characteristics of Distributed Energy Resources. Focus of a new Hybrid Systems Initiative. Hybrid Systems Premise. Value Propositions. Value Proposition - Enhanced Reliability. Evaluating an OPT Hybrids Program. THE SunDish.

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  • Geographical location, climate and natural resources of the Sakhalin Region. Detection of oil deposits and hydrocarbon resources. Strategy for the development of the shelf resource base. Analysis of opportunities to expand export-oriented products.

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  • Determining the value of hydrocephalus is one of the most common diseases requiring surgical intervention in pediatric neurosurgery. Characteristics of the role usual ultrasound investigation can identify enlarged ventricles and subarachnoid spaces.

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  • The studying the opinion of the patients with respect to the offered hygienic and living conditions in some clinics of the largest hospital in Southern Bulgaria. The important role of this factor in the competitive quality of the health process.

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  • The description of the Dirac equation with the hyperbolic potential, Manning-Rosen, which includes the combined tensor interaction type Coulomb-Hulth’en. Peculiarities of numerical calculations to demonstrate the effect of the tensor interaction.

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  • Вatch generation of web pages, local interaction. Non-linear structure: blocks of text, links between pages create a mesh or network, users follow their own path through information. Delivery technology: on the computer, on the web, on the move.

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  • Описание интерфейса программы Hysys. Расчет схемы переработки природного газа, установки первичной переработки нефти с помощью программы. Моделирование стационарного режима. Выбор компонентов и их основные свойства. Задание дополнительного оборудования.

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  • Повышение эффективности горного производства шахты "Кушеяковская", обеспечение его функционирования. Выбор и реализация стратегии в рыночной экономике. Режимы работы предприятия и работников. Определение объемов производства, его рентабельности.

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