• An analytic univalent convex function. Solution the Gauss equation with negative exponents. Meromorphic starlike and meromorphic convex solutions. Series with negative powers. l-index boundedness. Example of the general solution of Gauss equation.

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  • Rules for binary addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Time complexity of extended Euclidean algorithm. Existence of multiplicative inverse. Cancellation law of congruence. Introduction to finite field theory. Corollary of Euler’s theorem.

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  • Reducing the cardinality of the set shared by f and g from 7 to 6 under weaker condition on ramification index. Noise-power distribution multitude values 4 and weakening ramification index enter Saving with Banerjee. Notion of weighted sharing of sets.

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  • Thin and sparse metric spaces as asymptotic counterparts of discrete and very close to discrete metric spaces respectively. Classify thin metric spaces up to coarse equivalence. The types of sparse spaces and construct the spaces of distinct types.

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  • Investigation analytically specificity of numerical integration of ordinary second-order differential equations for systems with Coulomb and viscous friction. Developing and extending of modification of Runge-Kutta formulas for mentioned systems.

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  • A generalization of the classical theorem of T. Kato on similarity for sequences of projections in Hilbert spaces to the case of unconditional Schauder decompositions. Refinement of the theorem of V.N. Vizitei on the stability of Schauder decompositions.

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  • Fundamentals of Probability and Judgement. Random variables and probability distributions. Bayes’ Theorem and Elicitation. Aleatory, epistemic uncertainty. Roles within the elicitation process. The naive intuitive statistician metaphor. "The middle way".

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  • Characterization of symmetric linear functionals as the simplest polynomials. The proof of the theory that every symmetric continuous linear functional on the complex space L (0,1) can be represented as the Lebesgue integral, multiplied by a constant.

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  • The problem of rationality of a generic cubic fourfold as one of the classic problems of birational geometry. Semiorthogonal decompositions, equivariant derived categories. Projective bundles, blow-ups and double coverings. The fano variety of lines.

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  • Determination of diameter of a opening, corner of a opening and focal distance of an optical-type antenna. Calculation of a space directional diagram and determination of parameters of the parabolic antenna. Constructive calculation of the antenna.

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  • Solving the Cauchy problem for the heat equation with random factors as a classical problem in mathematical physics. The main stochastic processes in the Orlicz space. Estimates of the distribution of the supremum of a solution of the heat equation.

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  • Analysis of the improvement of piezoelectric transducers. A special place is occupied by piezoelectric transducers in electric, underwater acoustics, where they are intended for radiation and reception of acoustic vibrations in air or aquatic environment.

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  • Methods of rapid information. Reduce time of realization of cryptographic RSA transformations. Application of the principle of ring shift in the module number system. Increasing the speed of realization of cryptographic transformations with the open key.

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  • Proving of the theorem on a normal limit distribution of the normalized number of false solutions of a beforehand consistent system of nonlinear random equations over the field GF(2) with additional condition on the number of nonzero components.

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  • Spatial relationships and examples of three-dimensional figures. The calculation of the surface area of three-dimensional figures and volume of cylinders and prisms. The ratio of the volume of the cone and the pyramid to the volume of cylinder and prism.

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  • Tiling of the limit space under the action of a (self-similar) subgroup. Self-similar groups and their limit spaces. Subgroup tilings of limit spaces. Tilings of limit spaces of abelian and nilpotent groups. Functional analysis to nilpotent Lie groups.

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  • The uniqueness problem of meromorphic functions having the same pole sharing of a nite set with the aid of weighted sharing of sets we. Meromorphic functions in whole complex plane. Standard notations of the Nevanlinna theory of meromorphic functions.

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  • Рассмотрение проблем и перспектив преподавания курса математики в высших технических университетах в теоретическом и практическом направлениях в конце ХХ и первом десятилетии ХХI вв. Педагогическая и психологическая подготовленность преподавателей.

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  • Проблема класифiкацiї як одна з ключових i разом з тим громiздких при вивченнi самоподiбних груп. Виведення критерiю, за яким двопороджена самоподiбна група автоморфiзмiв регулярного бiнарного кореневого дерева є абелевою. Умови її ізоморфності.

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  • Определение и свойства модуля (абсолютной величины) действительного числа. Расстояние между точками числовой прямой. Графическое изображение на прямой окрестности точки как множества решений неравенства. Изучение правил сложения и вычитания модулей.

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