• Study the chamber-vocal works by N. Myaskovsky created on poems of symbolist poets in the line with cultural and aesthetic trends of the turn of the XIX-XX cent. in the context of the culture of the Silver age. The composers stylistics in romances.

    (21,3 K)
  • The content of the concept of "cultural poetics" in the context of cultural studies, its structural components. The transition of the concept of "poetics" from the category of philological concepts to the category of culturological concepts used.

    (25,2 K)
  • Imitation of reality, endowing it with transcendental reflection, psychoanalytic experiments, neo-baroque symbols and a romantic world view is the main theme of the modern Ukrainian drama. Analysis of specific features of plots of modeling realism.

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  • The transition of Eastern Europe countries from centralized, planned economy toward market economy. Features of the Polish and Hungarian reforms in comparison with those of other post-communist countries. Economic, institutional, cultural transformation.

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  • Definition of globalization as a complex and controversial phenomenon of unification and integration. Analysis the origins of globalization. Characteristic of economic aspect of globalization. Study pf positive and negative consequences of globalization.

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  • Description of the political system of Finland. Political culture. Voting and elections. Political parties, parliament (Eduscunta), government, president. The provisions of the deputy associations in Eduskint during the period from 1983 to 2014.

    (560,9 K)
  • The main problems of defining the boundaries of the deficit financing of the economy. A study of the state financing in Ukraine and abroad. The relationship between the dynamics of deficit financing and economic growth, and its suitability for Ukraine.

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  • Aspects of policy of the management of the OUNs Carpathian area. The initiative of Ukrainian national liberation movement to help the population who arrived from the Ukraines Eastern regions in 1946-1947. Examples of the absence of a hostile attitude.

    (46,4 K)
  • Analysis of the differences between the official format of relations between Ukraine and Poland and the way these relations are perceived by society in both countries. A study of the origins of the question of the growth of angry nationalism in societies.

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  • Conflict as the principal means by which significant social and political changes have taken place throughout history. Conflict resolution techniques. Conflict resolution in politics: strategies, tactics, techniques and cooperative negotiation.

    (756,4 K)
  • The concept of political culture and value. The social community's consciousness and a set of their actions. Political ideology: the history and theory. The protection and the provision of public interest. The concept of political structure, services.

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  • Development of a classification of dialogues on political topics and selection of examples of politically marked and unmarked conversations performed by students studying English. Analysis of the inclusion of project assignments in the learning process.

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  • Discourse analysis as a number of approaches to analyzing written, spoken language or any semiotic event. The concept of political discourse, its formal features. The analysis of political discourse from the point of view of the communicative approach.

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  • Features of political parties with civil society representatives with the aim of restructuring the party system by reducing the number of political parties. The establishment of a structure which will control the funding mechanisms of political parties.

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  • The legal status of state political figures of the transport sector. The views of scientists on the problem of dualism of these categories of employees. The nature of discretionary powers as a feature of political positions in the transport sector.

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  • In this article is shown that in making political decisions the Ukrainian political system is more and more influenced by external forces social organizations, businesses and the International community with the RU and the EU as the dominating actors.

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  • Kyrgyzstan as an secular, democratic, lawful state. Judicial Framework and Independence. Presidents of the Italian Republic. The imposition of constitutional court decisions according to Constitution. Political parties and elections the Eighties.

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  • On the background of statistical data on the dynamic quantitative growth of automotive transport that has more than doubled since 1991, temporal changes, a share of gaseous and particulate emissions from this source in total emission have been analyzed.

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  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative parameters of the genre structure of contemporary ensemble works of Ukrainian authors. Dynamic of the evolution of the structure of chamber-instrumental genres. Description of common types of genre interference.

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  • Using polyethylene terephthalate infibersfor clothing,containersfor liquids and foods,thermoformingfor manufacturing. Polycondensation of oligomers and polymers in the solid phase, like in other methods of carrying out the polycondensation process.

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