• The study of structural changes during hot deformation metal during controlled rolling. The influence of preheating temperature and deformation degree on the size and shape of austenite grains. The definition of the polygonal structure of the austenite.

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  • Analysis of the theme of the importance of polylinguism in Kazakhstan Republic. Value of mastering three languages competently (Kazakh, Russian and English). A unique project "Trinity of languages". The status of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

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  • Nanocomposites comprising ray in a polymer. The reflection mechanical properties material. Increasing the polymer properties by forming the interphase. Obtaining curves of stress-strain states of macroscopic samples irradiated polymer materials.

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  • Investigation of using nanoscale polyacrylamide-based spheres as a displacement fluid in enhanced oil recovery and method to unlock the remaining oil resources. Core samples preparation and characterization. Properties of fluids at room condition.

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  • Opening of maintenance of polysemy as systems of polisemanticy and variant of value of word are in a language. Concept of homonym, his sounding, pronunciation, variations of values and general classification of sources. Linguistic nature of morphemes.

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  • Features of the implementation of environmental policy of the European Union through economic mechanisms and instruments for its implementation. Analysis of the possibility of introducing European approaches for preserving the environment in Ukraine.

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  • Concept and general characteristics of pop music, the history of its development and features. Famous performers acting in the musical style. International festivals and competitions, the participants and prizes, current state and prospects of the main.

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  • The insurance for staff with higher contributions to EPF followed by medical benefits for dependents. Contrast in the value of education and development between the corporate sector and teaching profession. Evaluate the productivity of the organizations.

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  • Opisthorchiasis as s problem in rural communities of Thailand. Evaluation the effectiveness of health intervention in the population at risk for opisthorchiasis and cholangiocarcinoma. Line of participant the health behavior intervention in Meuang Yang.

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  • Approaching and traffic area of New York port. Port of Singapore regulations. Pilot boarding, mooring, anchorage procedure. Arrival and departure execution. Communication by means of high frequency system. Occupational situations on bridge during watch.

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  • Assessing risks of Zagreb Stock Exchange and future offerings that are relevant in making the decisions about investments. The importance of diversification and systemic risk of individual stocks. Systemic risk of the given portfolio and its importance.

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  • Research and characterization of the main features of households portfolio choice and investigate the composition of savings rather than the aggregate of it. Review and analysis of the participation rate of Russian households on financial markets.

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  • Development of relations between Portugal and Angola within the framework of Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The basic principles of collaboration between countries in the field of economy and trade. Spread of Portuguese in the world.

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  • Понятие и сущность POS-кредитования как направления розничного бизнеса банков. Необходимые документы и этапы оформления POS-кредитования, особенности договора POS-кредитования. Партнерство Сбербанка России и Cetelem. Рынок потребительского кредитования.

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  • Исследование материалов, способствующих продвижению бренда или товара в местах продаж и дополнительного привлечения внимания. Расположение рекламной информации на тротуарной плитке, панелях, штендерах. POS-материалы, используемые в сфере гостеприимства.

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  • The concept of "city agglomeration". Delimitation of city agglomerations. Urban agglomeration as a form of inter-municipal cooperation. Position of the small cities in the Russian agglomerations on the example of the Rostov-on-Don agglomeration.

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  • Globalization is one of the main factors of international migration, is of great importance for the development of socio-economic relations. The international migration making countries and regions interdependent and dependent on migration flows.

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  • An analysis of metaphorical conceptual models that serve as a representation format for positive and negative thinking styles in modern American linguistics, and verbal means of their expression. Linguocognitive mechanism of the formation of concepts.

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  • Wide recognation in recent years of the consept of tumour stem cells, tumour initiating-cells, their role is in the processes of sarcomogenesis. Properties of tumor stem cells (renewal, high migration potential, high level of resistanse to chemotherapy).

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  • A separate CAD software to improve the design and effective collector of wastewater in the areas of distributed architecture. The dynamic development of the market removal and disposal of wastewater. Key requirements on environmental protection.

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