• Dynamic development of the market for the disposal of wastewater utilization and management, forced tightened legal requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency, causes the necessity to use computer tools for their implementation.

    (333,6 K)
  • Developmentofthemarketforthedisposalofwastewaterutilization. The legalrequirements ofenvironmentalprotectionandenergyefficiency.Itisfacilitatedbythedynamicdevelopmentofsuchtools,whichisthecomputer-aided designsoftware.

    (333,6 K)
  • The current international trends, problems and prospects in development of audit. The issues related to independence, audit company rotation, and market concentration. Discussion of the problems connected guidelines for strengthening the profession.

    (412,5 K)
  • The concept of influence of protons on superconductivity and the ideas for determination of superconducting materials with 200K. A superconducting impurity in some layered phases. The study sample with an optimal interlayer electrostatic potential.

    (898,7 K)
  • Studying of post-clearance audit as a tool for customs control for implementation of the State customs policy. Violations of tax and customs legislation concerning the release of goods in free circulation into the customs territory of the State.

    (337,7 K)
  • Analysis of international standards in the field of customs inspections. Research the viewpoints of leading scientists on the issues of supervision of foreign economic operations by business entities. Definition of the essence of post-clearance control.

    (116,8 K)
  • The essence of customs inspections, available definitions of the given concept are analyzed. According to the results of the research the essence and economic contents of the post-clearance control based on the audit methods is formulated and defined.

    (116,8 K)
  • The concept and essence of the post-industrial economy. A transition from the production of goods to the production of services. The growing importance of theoretical knowledge over practical know-how. Reduction of jobs and rising unemployment in Russia.

    (826,6 K)
  • Classical cryptography and quantum computation, as well as the signature scheme to the security of Merkle. Challenges in quantum cryptography and the authentication path computation. Basic designs and variations of multivariate public-key cryptography.

    (2,1 M)
  • Review of theories show that part of civic participation and engagement mechanisms. Revitalization of national consciousness, aspiration for the new type of a state bearing liberal-democratic norms, in the countries of Eastern Europe and in Georgia.

    (36,0 K)
  • The treatment sequel of post-traumatic teeth for the use of dental implants in the anterior maxillary region to rehabilitate anterior maxillary missing teeth. The postoperative incidents. The diagnosis of teeth and alveolar bone after a traumatic injury.

    (50,8 K)
  • Methods of identification, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of operational risk have been generalized and systematized. The methodology for decision support system of operational risk management based on Bayesian techniques has been developed.

    (333,4 K)
  • Modern tendencies of researches for the competition of candidate dissertations and issues of preparation of young scientists in Ukraine. Impact of reviewing the quality of the preparation of candidates for the formation of postgraduates as scholars.

    (20,3 K)
  • Origins and the analysis of postmodernity. The works of Georg Simmel, Thorstein Veblen, and the Frankfurt School. The Critique of Modernist Sociology. New Research Directions. The State of Postmodernist Research. Fields of Postmodernist Research.

    (49,2 K)
  • The meaning of the term postmodern and its usage in philosophy and social theory. Unity and plurality. Poststructuralism and postmodernism. Universalism and freedom. Difference and multiplicity, simulacra and simulation. Criticism without foundations.

    (66,4 K)
  • A social analysis of post-nonclassical rationality. The author's vision of the discourse of social rationality as the synthesis of different discourse positions. The main discourse-position: social action, the rejection of grandarrell, value priorities.

    (224,9 K)
  • Investigation of the post-radiation accumulation of F4 centers in gamma-irradiated LiF crystals after combined (simultaneous or sequential) exposure to moderate heat and a constant electric field. The analysis of the obtained results is carried out.

    (51,3 K)
  • This course work is devoted to widely known Potato virus Y. Virus characteristics. Reproduction. Physical and biochemical properties. Virus(es) with serologically related virions. Diagnostic techniques for detection of Potato Virus Y. Complete genome.

    (7,1 M)
  • The role of the technique of volumetric titration with a working solution of sodium thiosulfate with a visual indication of the starch equivalence point during the analysis of the residual active chlorine. Evaluation of its advantages and disadvantages.

    (390,4 K)
  • History of the appearance of ceramics. Ceramic products, types of ceramics. Features of technology of production of ceramic products. Ceramics of the Urals. The Perm State Arts Gallery is big Museums in the Ural region. Changes to the "Willow Pattern".

    (2,0 M)