• Strengthening of the state power in "Kasymkhan's Laws". The property and non-property relations under "Esimkhans's Laws". "Gengis Khan's Yasa"- a source of a common Law. Features of the religious right(Sharia) in Kazakhs. Legal status of an individual.

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  • The essence of the concept "terrorism". Learn about types of terrorism: state, religious, pathological. Counter-terrorism strategy as a tool for enhancing the efforts of the international Association for the fight against terrorism in all activities.

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  • History of origination of corporate law. The corporate movement in Ukraine in the form of joint stock companies. The appearance of corporate relations is related to economic reforms, consolidation of human rights and freedoms in the basic regulatory acts.

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  • Stages of development of state regulatory policy in Ukraine. The experience of its implementation abroad. Standards for preparation and decision-making at all levels. Improvement of legal regulation of economic activity in the field of entrepreneurship.

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  • The queen and the parliament. The British Constitution. The Function of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Commons Members of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Lords. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones.

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  • Analysis of monitoring mechanism of the Council of Europe. Classification of obligations of member States and the relevant control mechanisms. Description of types: monitoring the obligations of States members of the Council and contractual obligations.

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  • Human rights as moral principles or norms that describe certain standards behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law. Values and norms of behavior. The right to freedom and inviolability of the person.

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  • In this article after defining Human Resource development and explaining the difference between it and Human development, I will explain the problem of evaluation of HRD with formula and case study showing how the return on investment can be measured.

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  • The current state of operation of landfills of solid domestic waste and unauthorized landfills in Ukraine. Prospects for the development of the waste-processing industry. Necessity of creation of the state strategy of the waste management in Ukraine.

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  • Investigation of the preconditions for the entry of Western Ukrainian lands into the Ukrainian SSR and the peculiarities of establishing control over these territories. Characteristics of the administrative and territorial organization of superficies.

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  • The article discloses some tools of income generation in PAYG system, determination of special aspects of income determination in Ukrainian Pension Fund. The components and the structure of earnings to the system of the first level pension insurance.

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  • The key characteristics common to both phenomena analyzed are identified. A number of specific characteristics have been identified, including the primacy, focus on the information needed to investigate crimes, increase awareness and data capacity.

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  • Study of legislative acts concerning employment problems in Nigeria. Analysis of inherent deficiencies, which adversely affect the productivity of workers. Determination of ways to eliminate these negative trends, as well as improve labor conditions.

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  • The analyzing of the relationship between informatization and the development in the field of administrative and legal regulation of government. The position of foreign and Ukrainian scientists. An Informatization of Society Approach to e-Government.

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  • A study by the international private law family legal issues arising from surrogacy. Application of the principle of the best interests of the child. The need for dialogue between countries of origin and host countries associated with surrogacy.

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  • The study of topical issues of implementation of personal rights and freedoms, the priority of interests of the individual over the state, the consolidation of these principles in laws and legal regulations, as well as implementation in practice.

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  • General characteristic of the United States Constitution, functions. Familiarity with the basic functions of the executive branch. Consideration brief biography of Barack Obama. Formation and characteristics of the judicial system of the United States.

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  • Levels of government in the US: federal, state, local. The legislative, executive and judicial powers. US Constitution - the legal document regulating the business through the government elected by the people. The study of the president's powers.

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  • The study of the problem of Ukraine's transition to a new phase of sustainable socio-economic growth and focusing on European integration. Normative-legal bases of functioning of the transport system on the example of international airport "Kharkiv".

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  • Сучасні моделі президентства, форми президентської влади. Повноваження, обов'язки і відповідальність президента. Специфіка обрання на пост глави держави. Специфічний конституційний механізм обрання президента в Індонезії. Елементи президентських виборів.

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