• Permanent diplomatic missions - embassies, which are established in other countries. Relations between States as one of the earliest manifestations of international law. Characteristics of some of the privileges and immunities of consular officials.

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  • The concepts of the institution of disclosure of evidence existing in various legal jurisdictions are considered. Their theoretical and legal analysis has been carried out to further determine the feasibility and rationality of using this institution.

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  • Characteristics and peculiarities of criminal law policy on drugs and alcohol in Hungary, the United States of America. The issue of the legalization of soft drugs and the total prohibition of their circulation in the context of the fight against crime.

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  • Analysis of legislative acts of Ukraine, the legal nature of land lease agreements is considered. These documents are determined to have characteristics of both civil law and administrative instruments. Relations regulated by the land lease agreements.

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  • Features of the implementation of eco-ethical, bioethical standards in the field of human rights legislation. The limiting human rights by balancing interests, ensuring public order and public morality. Application of the precautionary principle.

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  • The most efficient economic anti-corruption measures applied in foreign countries. Interdependencies between the country corruption level and the level of economic development as well as between the country corruption and competitiveness levels.

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  • This paper studies the issue of emotional labor in public health care organizations for children in Russia. The presented research aims at defining and examining the main features of emotional labor in public health care institutions in this country.

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  • Features and description of the problem of information security business entities. Methodical and legal vision of security actors. The emergence of the "information industry" related to the provision of information on the various types of activities.

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  • Тhe issue of rights to intellectual property and information in the field of both research and scientific and technical developments. The relations between intellectual property and scientific information. Тhe regulation of the information sphere.

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  • Civil law as a branch of legal system which regulates property relations based on equality, full autonomy, material independence of their participants. Inadmissibility of arbitrary interference into the sphere of personal life as a legal principles.

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  • Characterized by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union as an innovative tool for modeling the protection of fundamental human rights. The prospects of development and application of the doctrine of horizontal action are considered.

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  • The obstacles which citizens can face moving from one state to another. The sources of legal regulation of the freedom of movement of workers. The practical steps of EU on the way to improvement of legal basis concerning the exercise of rights of workers.

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  • The European Court of Human Rights decisions concerning the protection of certain labor-related human rights have been considered. Legal positions the state positive obligations to ensure the protection of the right to life against industrial risks.

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  • Comparison of the Ukrainian legislation with the sphere of the obligation law with the European harmonization initiatives. Develop a draft common reference frame (DCFR), whose purpose is to indicate areas of law where further convergence is possible.

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  • The understanding of the concept of evidence and procedural sources of records. Evidence in criminal proceedings. The unity of the evidence obtained. Еhe essence of evidence as a fundamental category in the criminal proceeding and the court of law.

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  • Аналіз виникнення та розвитку модного права в окремих країнах світу. Сфери його регулювання та необхідність всебічного дослідження "fashion law". Основні підходи до розуміння модного права та можливість його існування у вітчизняній доктрині права.

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  • Research of the concept, features and history of the emergence of a new scientific field "social communications" in Ukraine. Review of scientific research of social communications, representing political and legal realities of Ukraine and Europe.

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  • Analysis of the regulatory and contractual regulation of legal relations for the carriage of passengers. Equality of participants in civil relations. The need to apply imperatives that impose restrictions on the implementation of subjective civil rights.

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  • Coverage of issues concerning the specifics of the implementation of the principle of the presumption of innocence in the light of the practice of the European Court of Human Rights. Systematic analysis of the practice of the European Court of Justice.

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  • A conception of the systemic-structural definition of Lithuanian executive authorities. Analysis of legal acts on the basis of which the system of power may be determined. The status of the President of the Republic with regard to the executive power.

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