• Тhe issue of rights to intellectual property and information in the field of both research and scientific and technical developments. The relations between intellectual property and scientific information. Тhe regulation of the information sphere.

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  • Civil law as a branch of legal system which regulates property relations based on equality, full autonomy, material independence of their participants. Inadmissibility of arbitrary interference into the sphere of personal life as a legal principles.

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  • Characterized by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union as an innovative tool for modeling the protection of fundamental human rights. The prospects of development and application of the doctrine of horizontal action are considered.

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  • The obstacles which citizens can face moving from one state to another. The sources of legal regulation of the freedom of movement of workers. The practical steps of EU on the way to improvement of legal basis concerning the exercise of rights of workers.

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  • The European Court of Human Rights decisions concerning the protection of certain labor-related human rights have been considered. Legal positions the state positive obligations to ensure the protection of the right to life against industrial risks.

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  • The understanding of the concept of evidence and procedural sources of records. Evidence in criminal proceedings. The unity of the evidence obtained. Еhe essence of evidence as a fundamental category in the criminal proceeding and the court of law.

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  • Research of the concept, features and history of the emergence of a new scientific field "social communications" in Ukraine. Review of scientific research of social communications, representing political and legal realities of Ukraine and Europe.

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  • Analysis of the regulatory and contractual regulation of legal relations for the carriage of passengers. Equality of participants in civil relations. The need to apply imperatives that impose restrictions on the implementation of subjective civil rights.

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  • Coverage of issues concerning the specifics of the implementation of the principle of the presumption of innocence in the light of the practice of the European Court of Human Rights. Systematic analysis of the practice of the European Court of Justice.

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  • A conception of the systemic-structural definition of Lithuanian executive authorities. Analysis of legal acts on the basis of which the system of power may be determined. The status of the President of the Republic with regard to the executive power.

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  • Criminal investigation and forensic examination as a way of thinking and conducting criminal cases. The choice of equipment and facilities for carrying out the necessary judicial actions. Determination, collection and storage of evidence from the scene.

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  • Consideration of specific features of the formation of effective civil society in Ukraine on dialogue, partnership and national unity. Identification and characterization of dialogue necessary state and civil society within the democratic system.

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  • Strengthening of the state power in "Kasymkhan's Laws". The property and non-property relations under "Esimkhans's Laws". "Gengis Khan's Yasa"- a source of a common Law. Features of the religious right(Sharia) in Kazakhs. Legal status of an individual.

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  • The essence of the concept "terrorism". Learn about types of terrorism: state, religious, pathological. Counter-terrorism strategy as a tool for enhancing the efforts of the international Association for the fight against terrorism in all activities.

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  • Stages of development of state regulatory policy in Ukraine. The experience of its implementation abroad. Standards for preparation and decision-making at all levels. Improvement of legal regulation of economic activity in the field of entrepreneurship.

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  • The queen and the parliament. The British Constitution. The Function of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Commons Members of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Lords. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones.

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  • Analysis of monitoring mechanism of the Council of Europe. Classification of obligations of member States and the relevant control mechanisms. Description of types: monitoring the obligations of States members of the Council and contractual obligations.

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  • Human rights as moral principles or norms that describe certain standards behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law. Values and norms of behavior. The right to freedom and inviolability of the person.

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  • In this article after defining Human Resource development and explaining the difference between it and Human development, I will explain the problem of evaluation of HRD with formula and case study showing how the return on investment can be measured.

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  • The article discloses some tools of income generation in PAYG system, determination of special aspects of income determination in Ukrainian Pension Fund. The components and the structure of earnings to the system of the first level pension insurance.

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