• The study of the level of local government in Germany . Review the progress and outcome of the administrative reform of 1960 and the second wave of modernization in 1990. Description of internal and external components of government reorganization.

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  • Administrative sanctions in comparison with penalties in Polish tax law - a double system or two systems? The duality of legal methods for countering tax fraud in Poland: whether administrative sanctions are contained in tax law or in criminal law.

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  • The term "official", theoretical and applied problems of this phenomenon in the current legislation of Ukraine. The possibility of applying the provisions of current legislation of Ukraine for the definition of "official" non-profit organizations.

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  • The results of implementing the Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings in Ukraine is presented here. Drawbacks in the communication process between governmental authorities and target market are found during the research accomplishment.

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  • The implementation of the Association Agreement will constitute the greatest challenge for Ukraine. It has to prove their adherence to the EU’s democratic and economic values, and ensure the proper functioning of their comprehensive free trade areas.

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  • Сутність й наслідки монопольної влади. Історія виникнення правових заходів регулювання ринкової структури, у якій домінує єдиний продавець товарів, що не мають замінників. Дослідження змістовних засад антимoнoпoльнoгo законодавства зарубіжних країн.

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  • The problem with the main agent. Corruption as its cause, fighting it by introducing blockchain technology into the system of relations between the principal and the agent. Locking technology and its implementation in Estonia, Georgia and Sweden.

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  • The main road learning to Parliament. Check of correctness of work of the government like the most important task of Parliament. The structure of Parliament in England. The function of The House of Commons and Lords. Constituencies of the United Kingdom.

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  • Analysis the principles of regional policy. The issues of budget sufficiency of local governments are described and the need for result-based budgeting process leveraging is justified in strengthening the budgetary capacity of regional development.

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  • Capital punishment is the practice of executing someone as punishment for a specific crime after a proper legal trial. According to Amnesty International. Examples execute capital punishment. Some points why it can be useful for the prisoner and society.

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  • A study of maintenance of features of application of international private law is in part of specific of foreign language. Norms of application of Chinese at interpretation of contracts and civil offences. Chinese is in judicial and domestic norms.

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  • Compare related areas of forensic expertise in handwriting analysis, their distinctive features. Methods, tools, tasks (a person's profile of graphology, the study of manuscripts) and application for identification of a person associated with handwriting.

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  • Law regulation as one of the basic tools in a state administration, which involves a system of legal methods and means of influence. Influence on criminality in the contemporary conditions as basic task of the state administration.

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  • Comprehensive research of legal relations of transport forwarding and contractual design regulating them. Procedure for the implementation or organization of the implementation of the services specified in the contract related to the carriage of goods.

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  • The phenomena of corporate raiding as a quasi-legal method of an acquisition of corporate control. Personal liability for corporate crime. The present state of Russian market for corporate control; the legal regulation and recommendations for improvement.

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  • The concept of corruption as a social problem. Reasons of inequalities in the society. Forms of corruption and the scope of its distribution. Methods of corruption: bribery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, blackmail. Corruption in the Ukrainian society.

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  • The categories of corruption in the UK and its impact. The prevalence of corruption in the UK and the key concerns. Corruption in key sectors and institutions. Corruption legislation in the UK. US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the Bribery Act.

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  • The court in the institutional system of the European Union in the twenty-first century: the judicial architecture after the Lisbon Treaty. Outside the arena: the forces and interests in the framework of a preliminary order of decision-making procedures.

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  • The decision of a significant part of the legal issues in the land sector. Development of the land legislation. Characteristic problems in the area of the land legislation. The main factors which are associated with the problems in land legislation.

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  • Concept customs and its privatization. Red and green channels. World customs organization: history, tools and administration. Instructions for the Federal Customs Service of Russia: organization and management. The plan of its development to 2010.

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