• Основные цели, задачи и классификация event-мероприятия. Главная характеристика эффективности традиционной рекламы. Особенность проведения выставок, приемов и ярмарок. Анализ исследования оценки результативности проведенных специальных мероприятий.

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  • Комплексный анализ event-мероприятий, организованных РА "VivaPromo", оценка их эффективности. Характеристики комплекса интегрированных маркетинговых коммуникаций. Проект по презентации деятельности ведущих косметологов, модельеров и рестораторов Брянска.

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  • An analysis of the threat of an environmental crisis and an assessment of the current imbalance in the environment. Increase environmental awareness and develop a strategy of "green marketing". Perception by consumers of its factors in the estate sector.

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  • The developing of a factor model based on significant factors in the macro environment of tourism enterprises. The evaluation and analysis of the factors in the macro environment of tourism enterprises are conducted using the principal components method.

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  • The introduction of marketing tools to manage innovation is becoming one of the main reasons for the success of modern innovations. Innovative activity in the marketing is impossible without the presence at the enterprise of the relevant personnel.

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  • Supplier of composite profiles. The Swiss window market. Creative sensory marketing. Main activities of the company today. Fiberline aims to create amongst private customers, mainly focusing on the German and Swiss market. The German window market.

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  • Modern marketing concept. Using market research as an action tool. Consumer behavior in marketing. The concept of product. Product’s time of life. Marketing price, package, brand. Objectives and strategies of advertising. Getting outstanding advertising.

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  • The problem of the harmonious operation of logistics management in a universal system. The description of local and global laws of balance, taking into account the parameters of the source rules for sales of inventory turnover, their optimal number.

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  • Conceptual Framework of Film Distribution. Results of Interviews Conducted with Industry Experts. Case Studies of Establishing Film Distribution, Glukoza Production. Research outcomes and managerial implications. Recommendations for further research.

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  • The conceptual approach to strategy and long-term marketing program of brand management. The current approach to brand management at companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The program of brand management is offered on the basis of consumer loyalty.

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  • Brief description of the world's leading brands. History of Air Jordan Company, issue of sports footwear for basketball clubs and public consumption. Creating clothing chain Inditex and Zapa. Opening salons of fashion of Chanel for the secular elite.

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  • Определение и характеристика понятий government relations и лоббизм. Изучение состояния современного табачного рынка в России, основных барьеров коммуникаций в отрасли, основных игроков, история взаимодействия с группами интересов и группами давления.

    диссертация (1,2 M)
  • The essence of the notion of "guerilla marketing", analyzes of its usage in the of management in Ltd. "Misto-D". Guerrilla marketing аs popular marketing tools that provides effective promotion of goods and services on the market with the lowest costs.

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  • The scope of business of the company. The efficiency of the global brand. Competitors of the company and compare them. The defenses of the brand in target markets. SWOT analysis of the company (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

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  • Logistical and geographical features of catering - one of contemporary forms of restaurant services. Providing catering logistics far from production facilities (so-called "touring" catering). Essence of social catering and specificity of its logistics.

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  • The peculiarities of Ukrainian milk and dairy products market under current conditions. Steps to improve the competitiveness of milk processing factories by implementing innovations in their product sales policy. The effectiveness of such measures.

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  • Tendencies to interdisciplinarity that force organizations to search for concepts from different areas of science. The role of the concept of internal control and management talent in the competitive process of obtaining advantage in the marketplace.

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  • The history of the establishment of McDonald's. Market share of McDonald is 27 percent in US market. The unique business model — the excellent suppliers and employees — is the reason McDonald’s is the world’s largest quick-service restaurant brand.

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  • A study of factors affecting the sales of Samsung Galaxy 4. Designing, developing sophisticated database structures and systems the telephone. The study of the pricing strategy. Consideration of the company's activities, telephone sales profitability.

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  • Evaluation of strategic potential of Isabelle Camille, the ability of the company to meet the expectations of Russian distributors. Recommendations for the development of a conceptual commercial equipment with the symbols of the trademark of the company.

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