• Dynamic model of adverse selection to examine the interactions between new and used goods markets. Predictions of the effects of adverse conditions. Comparison these predictions with this model where brands physically depreciate at different rates.

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  • The Advertising Broker. The New Face of Advertising. The Marketplace and What Happens in it. Trade Marks, Labels, and Logotypes. The Different Kinds of Advertising: corporate, professional, industrial. Marketing Services: copy, art, media, radio-TV.

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  • Cultural Preconditions of Gender Stereotypes in Communication. Gender stereotyping in TV and radio advertisements. Gender and language usage. Differences in language usage and worldview. Voiceover characteristics, word choice and use of arguments.

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  • The role of advertising in the modern life of each person. Purpose and function of advertising, which is part of the communication activities of the company. The results of a poll of city residents relations to advertising, factors of its effectiveness.

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  • Розгляд засобів зовнішньої реклами, створення з використанням навколишнього середовища, у якому перебуває цільова аудиторія – ambient-media. Дослідження інструментів та ефективності ambient-media. Аналіз недоліків. Способи просування товарів і послуг.

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  • Empirical studies of transaction costs the Norwegian oil industry over a five year period. Management of organizational behavior in order to reduce costs. Cooperative relations franchisee and the franchisor; improving the administration of transactions.

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  • Technique of process management that provides the analysis of business process basing on event logs. Algorithm for high-level process model discovery, pseudocode of the algorithm. Any information system record event logs. Examples of plug-in execution.

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  • The electronic procurement systems implementation. The dependence of electronic procurement systems implementation results from the level of profit of an industrial enterprise. The perspective directions for development of electronic procurement systems.

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  • Situation of Logistics Infrastructure. Main objectives of the Transport Strategy. Socio-economical problems of Russia. Elements of Russian transportation infrastructure: Railways, Roads, Pipeline, Waterways, Air transportation and Electricity lines.

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  • Research of logistics opportunities of TRACEKA countries. The role of border crossings in ensuring the flow of goods between countries. Comparative assessment of the logistics gap between TRACEKA countries based on the logistics efficiency index.

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  • Study examines the influence that certain factors exert on business performance at trade shows. These factors are identified in literature as the key at the predevelopment stage of a trade show are considered to have a determining effect for businesses

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  • The target audience of bottled mineral and drinking water Nestle Uzbekistan. Distinctive features of mineral bottled water. The range of strategic options for further development of the company. Recommendations to further promote of the brand Nestle.

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  • Anticrisis marketing is a part of the anticrisis management of the enterprise. It should be noted that the choice of a marketing strategy in terms of crisis management depends on countless number of factors of the external and internal environment.

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  • The use of marketing relations in tourism companies. The analysis of the foundations relationship marketing, especially this type of marketing versus other forms of interaction with customers. The essence of loyalty programs in the travel services.

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  • The influence of the perception of the quality of service and the perception of value by the client on the relationship between the hallmarks of the restaurant and the intention of customers to return. Customer experience in full-service restaurants.

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  • Определение ATL (above-the-line) и BTL (below-the-line), их целевые аудитории, виды (печатные СМИ, телевидение, радио, реклама в кинотеатрах, outdoor (наружная реклама), indoor (реклама в местах продаж), на автотранспорте и в Интернете) и инструментарий.

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  • Control of deliveries and shipments as the basic function of the warehouse logistics. The problem of customer interaction in the company of wholesale trade. Customer engagement - a basis of strategy of survival and growth for the company in the market.

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  • Analysis of survey data managers of logistics companies operating throughout Eastern Europe, the existence of integrated systems of business management. The functionality of such systems and the extent of their implementation in daily practice managers.

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  • Основные критерии и особенности взаимодействия с целевой аудиторией. PR-коммуникации В2В с целевой аудиторией на примере компании Vallorbe, а также В2С на примере Cartier. Их сравнительное описание, основные преимущества и недостатки применения.

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  • Analysis approach to appraisal of frontline personnel using competency approach and different stages of life cycle, with satisfaction and loyalty. Principles of building the relationships with frontline personnel in the system of internal marketing.

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