• General characteristics and features of medical education in the United States, its structure and subdivisions. Subject areas of research and medical schools at various levels. Requirements for the graduates, their professional and personal qualities.

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  • Malignant diseases as an important and relevant socially significant problem of modern society. Factors that influenced the dynamics of morbidity and disability caused by malignant neoplasms in various organs among the population of the studied region.

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  • The role of the Church in the formation of the Kiev state. Achievements of the monastic medicine of the Princely age. Comparison of the availability and effectiveness of the medical practice of a Russian healer, a secular physician and a monk-doctor.

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  • The history of the birth of medicine in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. Sources for studying medicine of the ancient Egyptians. The Gods, who patronized the medicine in different countries. Features and differences of treatment among peoples.

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  • Classifications of endocrine glands. Location and anatomy adrenal glands. Adrenal glands cross section. Hyperfunction and hypofunction of Adrenal. Testicle is a paired gland situated in the lower part of scrotum. The primary functions of the testes.

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  • Resource science of medicinal plants is a large and important section of scientific and practical activities of various specialists. Pharmacological studies and the introduction into pharmacology. The main stages of research of medicinal plants.

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  • The rationale for the use of scanning electron microscopy to determine the chemical composition of the tissue. Recognition of different types of paraffin tissue sections and the degree of accumulation of heavy metals by scanning electron microscope.

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  • New method of differentiation of etiological importance microorganisms from normal microflora representatives or contaminants. Specific stability of microorganisms to polyamines. Collection of polyamines (spermine, putrescine) from integrated systems.

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  • The methodology of creating the guidelines for the system of health technology assessment, the main stages of the informative components of the National guidelines in health technology assessment. The assessment of the organizational consequences.

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  • The removal of metallic obstructions is an part of endodontic retreatment procedures. The characteristic of the Masserannkit, post pullers, the Canal-Finder-System, ultrasonic systems. Metal root canal obturators. Individually fabricated cast posts.

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  • The study of the history of the first operations on the pericardium, designed to correct problems with the heart. The most common types of surgeries: coronary artery bypass surgery, repair and replacement of heart, valves and atrial fibrillation.

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  • Inter-appointment flare-up is characterized by the development of pain, swelling or both, following endodontic intervention. The causative factors of flare-ups encompass mechanical, chemical and/or microbial injury to the pulp or periradicular tissues.

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  • The evidence relating microbial microleakage and pulpa inflammation is reviewed. The experiments show that all dental materials permit fluid microleakage at the material cavity wall interface. Further research should be aimed at eliminating microleakage.

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  • Microbiological and molecular methods used to study the microorganisms associated with endodontic infections. Endodontic infections are polymicrobial with usually from 3–12 species cultivable from either infected root canals or periradicular abscesses.

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  • With the obvious advantages of one-visit endodontics and the short-term outcomes favoring its use, that this treatment mode has become prevalent. Mechanisms of bacterial action in endodontic infections. Endodontic procedures and their effectiveness.

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  • The preparation, packaging, storage and use of medicines. The efficacy of the preservative. Drugs with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect for correction of immunity parameters. Intravenous, oral, external (ointments, suppositories).

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  • The advantages of ultrasonic or sonic root-end preparation compared to conventional bur preparation: a deeper root-end preparation, alignment in the original path of the root canal, a reduced risk of lingual perforation. A debridement of gutta-percha.

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  • Approaches to reforming the system of medical aid to population in Ukraine. Developing primary medical aid basing on the principles of family medicine; developing hospital circuits with hospitals of intensive treatment; changes in the system of financing.

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  • Compelling evidence of reflux when testing the esophagus. The study of erosive esophagitis of increased severity, Barrett's mucous membrane or peptic strictures of a long segment with endoscopy. Characteristics of the main treatment strategies for GERD.

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  • Psoriasis and its place among chronic skin diseases. Analysis and review of the main problems in the incidence of psoriasis. Information on the current status and major trends in the incidence of psoriasis in Kharkiv region. Directions care to patients.

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