• The study of the principles of ethics and sustainability as the fundamental components in the context of corporate social responsibility. Determining the relationship between these principles and their importance in shaping the company's reputation.

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  • Comparison of the model of professional training of managers of foreign economic profile in Western Europe and the USA, with the model of training of foreign trade managers in Ukraine. General and differences in the construction of the learning process.

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  • Conditions and problems of formation of professionally significant qualities in the process of professional training of future managers of foreign economic activity. Ofprofessional training offoreign specialists, the set of competences offuture managers.

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  • The importance of corporate culture, its formation and implementation, also deals with the research made on a Slovak transport company. A new model for corporate culture. Corporate culture is affected by permanent confrontation with business priorities.

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  • The essence of corporate culture, its influence of development of the social relations. The scheme which reflects a place of culture in the system of labor relations of the enterprises. The results of sociological research, formation of social capital.

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  • Theoretical justification of the applicability and moderating potential of the corporate culture of compliance. Specific features and importance of corporate culture in commercial banks. Formation of the corporate culture of compliance in Russia.

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  • Exploring of the theoretical relationship, independent and joint effect of leverage, institutes and overall corporate governance on company’s performance during the global crisis. Construction of the model, which quantitatively estimates the effect.

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  • The study explores the corporate practices and procedures to deploy user-driven innovations. Presented study also discusses key terms of the user-driven innovation approach based on the strong analysis of research papers and various concepts comparison.

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  • Employees of Latin America as the least protected layer in terms of working conditions, wage levels, social guarantees. An overview of companies that have a positive impact on CSR, on jobs. Elimination of the negative trends in labor legislation.

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  • Study of the fundamental questions on the formation of the cost-oriented strategy of the enterprise and the justification of the sequence of the factors of value creation. Advantages and disadvantages of the system of cost-oriented controlling.

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  • The status of crisis management in a comprehensive management system organizational unit. Principles to solve critical situations, system of response management to critical situations. The contents of operational crisis plan of the selected municipality.

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  • Изучение понятия Customer Relationship Management, стратегии поведения компании, позволяющей управлять жизненным циклом клиента в организации. Анализ типов классификации CRM-систем. Характеристика проблем, возникающих при отсутствии единой системы CRM.

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  • Система управления взаимоотношениями с клиентами: понятие, функции, цели, элементы (продажи, маркетинг, поддержка потребителей). Понятие клиентской базы. Классификации CRM-систем (операционная, аналитическая, коллаборативная). Центры "горячей линии".

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  • Рассмотрение преимуществ использования CRM-систем в управлении взаимоотношениями с клиентами. Определение основных функциональных блоков CRM-систем. Определение основных свойств, на которых базируется качество функционала обслуживания клиентов.

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  • The sustainable development paradigm. The need to reconsider the basic principles of responsible management. Economic, social, ecological and institutional changes which have to be harmonized with the basic values of society. Welfare of the employees.

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  • Defining the parameters of inventory management of an enterprise using neural networks. Algorithm for choosing a strategy of inventory management. Ensuring the stability of the parameters of the communication equations by means of neuroprogramming.

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  • The influence of migration on the national security of Ukraine. The main problems of migration sphere in Ukraine. Religious extremism and fundamentalism. Four stages of interconnection between migration and ethnocultural security by G. Vitkovska.

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  • The modern stage of logistics development in Ukraine. Social and economic processes of creating an efficient market economy. Radical changes in economic policy. The implementation of market reforms in agricultural sectors of the economy in Ukraine.

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  • Purpose of customer relationship management (CRM). History, definition and underpinning theory of CRM. Potential benefits and disedvanteges of CRM. Steps to improve CRM. Behavioral patterns and segments. CRM applications and their customer types.

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  • Measurement of the customers’ expectation levels of service quality in the food retail sector against their perceptions levels. The zone of tolerance. Determining the gap between customers’ expectations and their perceptions of the service quality.

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