• The role of innovative development. The characteristic of modern approaches to heavy-machinery enterprise innovative potential strategic management. Analysis of the perspectives of innovative development of heavy-machinery enterprises of Ukraine.

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  • The influence of the process of perception of the value of hotel loyalty improving service quality in the hotel. The value of the service experience, functional and cultural values within the specified price. develop marketing strategies for hotels.

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  • Современная практика бенчмаркинга и возможность использования множества его разновидностей. Конкурентный бенчмаркинг вознаграждения персонала. Морфологический анализ бенчмаркинга. Постановка системы управленческого учета расходов, связанных с персоналом.

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  • Исследование основных факторов, по которым оценивается имидж компании как работодателя. Изучение особенностей развития HR-брендинга в Российской Федерации. Обзор инструментов, используемых для создания образа привлекательного работодателя. Системы льгот.

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  • Employees as an important component of the business. Consideration of the main functions of the company's worker. Human Resources: staff selection, training, development of employees. Evaluation of the performance of employment in the organization.

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  • Leadership styles that can be exhibited by leaders in the political, business or other fields. Relationships with internal and external customers, managers, peers, subordinates. Methods and for recruitment and selection of staff in the organization.

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  • Human resource management - a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. Control of people in the enterprise. Strategic human resource management and organizational strategies.

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  • The technique based at the productivity coefficients of factors usage of labor, financial and industrial potentials of the enterprise is created. The algorithm of the identification and management of the enterprises innovative activity risks is developed.

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  • Consideration of the problem of personnel management as a key element for provision of normal and effective development of an enterprise in the present day economic conditions. Investigation of conditions motivation enhancement mechanism creation.

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  • Features improve the efficiency of public services, subject to the availability of large amounts of data using regulatory benchmarking. Analysis of productivity of different companies providing public services, on the example of several Czech companies.

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  • Characteristics of the main indicators of an assessment of risk. The place and role of these indicators in the management and organization of innovative projects. Effective determination of the level of risk associated with the activities of enterprises.

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  • The practice of management as a means of influencing individual workers and labor groups in general, which are necessary to achieve the goals of the company (organization). New approaches and mechanisms used in the management of the service sector.

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  • Threat assessment by the staff of enterprises. The research entities and personnel security measures used by security personnel in the analysis of the enterprise. Determination of the influence of the motivational system in the work of the enterprise.

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  • Development of a structural model of information technology management personnel, which allows in contrast to the existing to solve the problem of personnel management in an integrated and unified system of principles based on the process approach.

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  • Concept of innovation consumer utility. Technology of the innovation consumer utility formation according to stages of the innovation process to provide innovation activity. Determining the necessary coefficient of relative reduction in cost per unit.

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  • Management concepts and market strategies improving of using resources by the cellular communication companies is advisable. The role of intellectual and innovative growth and informatization in the telecommunications sector of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Comparative analysis of different approaches which touch the topic of evaluation of innovative activity and efficiency in regions. Directions increase profit from innovation sphere, maintaining sustainable development and competitiveness of the country.

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  • Criteria for quantifying and evaluating the competencies of enterprise employees for making appropriate management decisions regarding the impact of their development on the effectiveness of financial activities. Employees' Competence Evaluation Matrix.

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  • Investigation of the mutual influence of the anti-crisis strategy and the internal specificity of the enterprise in the process of its withdrawal from the crisis. Strategic changes and organizational factors. Reorientation of the product/market.

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  • Характеристика та напрямки діяльності досліджуваного підприємства. Опис послуг, що надаються ним, оцінка конкурентних переваг. Аналіз сильних і слабких сторін. Маркетингове дослідження ринку. Розробка виробничого, організаційного, фінансового плану.

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