• Realization of organizational and economic bases of production and investment and innovation processes at the enterprise is a factor on which the quality of the final product depends. The specific characteristics of the quality management system.

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  • Threat assessment by the staff of enterprises. The research entities and personnel security measures used by security personnel in the analysis of the enterprise. Determination of the influence of the motivational system in the work of the enterprise.

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  • Formation of a system of stimulation of employees, which allows to identify the impact of individual needs of the employee on the possibility and rationality of the use of specific tools for motivation. Individualized approach to motivation of work.

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  • Functional-purpose approach to the formation of the enterprise information system. The concept and classification of IP, their components, components and elements. Complementary scheme of the procedure for the creation and operation of enterprise IP.

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  • Development of a structural model of information technology management personnel, which allows in contrast to the existing to solve the problem of personnel management in an integrated and unified system of principles based on the process approach.

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  • Concept of innovation consumer utility. Technology of the innovation consumer utility formation according to stages of the innovation process to provide innovation activity. Determining the necessary coefficient of relative reduction in cost per unit.

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  • Management concepts and market strategies improving of using resources by the cellular communication companies is advisable. The role of intellectual and innovative growth and informatization in the telecommunications sector of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Comparative analysis of different approaches which touch the topic of evaluation of innovative activity and efficiency in regions. Directions increase profit from innovation sphere, maintaining sustainable development and competitiveness of the country.

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  • Criteria for quantifying and evaluating the competencies of enterprise employees for making appropriate management decisions regarding the impact of their development on the effectiveness of financial activities. Employees' Competence Evaluation Matrix.

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  • Investigation of the mutual influence of the anti-crisis strategy and the internal specificity of the enterprise in the process of its withdrawal from the crisis. Strategic changes and organizational factors. Reorientation of the product/market.

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  • Характеристика та напрямки діяльності досліджуваного підприємства. Опис послуг, що надаються ним, оцінка конкурентних переваг. Аналіз сильних і слабких сторін. Маркетингове дослідження ринку. Розробка виробничого, організаційного, фінансового плану.

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  • Types of conflicts in social interactions between subjects and objects of management. Causes of interpersonal differences on the example of machine-building enterprises. The state of information security managers. Ways to the solve labor conflict.

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  • Andragogical approach as an innovation research for the intracompany personnel training system. Theoretical basis of building up the model of the training system for amp and evaluation of training efficiency. Modeling of the intracompany training system.

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  • The necessity of creativity, flexibility, efficiency, and responsibility for organizations if want to survive. Investigating the relation between organizational climate and citizenship. Physical education offices employees in Mazandaran province.

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  • История стандартов качества ИСО 9000. Пакет документов по созданию систем качества, подготовленный членами международной организации. Термины, их определение и взаимосвязь, согласно международным стандартам. Требования к системе менеджмента качества.

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  • A job can be just going to work to earn a paycheck. A career means that each of your jobs and training programs is helping you advance in pay or responsibility. The contents of a resume: job objective, education, experience, extracurricular activities.

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  • The list of factors influencing job satisfaction. The influence of the professional dedication of staff on the employer and on society as a whole. Consideration of the dynamics of staff turnover, depending on the economic situation and unemployment.

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  • Analysis of problems hindering the implementation of controlling in the enterprises. The notion of controlling the moment of its creation. Qualification of the controllers, opinion of the managers during the recruitment process of the controlling service.

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  • About method to optimize the interaction between the existing knowledge in an organization and the system of scientific, technical or economic observation. This is based on phases: strategic projection, gathering information and knowledge creation.

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  • Characteristics of the mission and goals of the company. The location and Laundry facilities. Market analysis and key competitors. Pricing strategy in this field. Brief description of the office. The preparation of the financial plan of the organization.

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