• The level of self-realization of students, which are often prone to injury. The impact of trauma on the level of tolerance and academic achievements. The relationship between self-actualization of the students with the events that led to the injury.

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  • Investigation of the basic theories of sleep. The causes and factors of a person dreams, the approaches to their interpretation. Reflections in dreams, fears and problems of man, his psychological barriers in life. The need for a examination of sleep.

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  • Specific of understanding. The context of philosophical problem of correlation of real and ideal. Attitude toward understanding is the result of cognition change in the process of the development of philosophical ideas. The levels of understanding.

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  • Relevance of theoretical and empirical study of psychological characteristics of student’s perception of their own organizational culture of the university. Strategic goals of functioning and development of state institutions of higher education.

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  • The Cultural Ecology of Leadership: An Analysis of Leadership Books. Social Identity and Leadership. The Psychological Exchange Between Leaders and Followers. Claiming Authority: Negotiating Challenges for Women Leaders. The Perception of Conspiracy.

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  • A general outline of aftercare. Structure of aftercare programs: therapy, etc. Description of the sheltered housing. The characteristics of the client of an aftercare centre, the rights and responsibilities of the client. Research concerning aftercare.

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  • The link between parent’s basic human values and their monetary attitudes. Person’s values considered as the criteria for the process of evaluation of different people, actions and events. The link between monetary attitudes of parents and their children.

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  • Assessment of the validity and reliability of projective psychodiagnostic techniques “Dynamic Emotional and Motivational Pattern”. The correlation coefficients between the levels of anxiety. Frustration of needs and self-identity. Such Lusher color test.

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  • Spirituality is expressed in a person as acts in the affective states spiritual experiences that reflect its values and meanings, realized in the form of spiritual abilities. In psychology spirituality seen in the unity of the moral, mental components.

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  • A study of the use of metaphoric associative cards, in applying the narrative approach in psychological counseling. Maps as a tool for multimodal stimulation of the client to comprehend his intentions (beliefs and values) and the choice of life.

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  • Psychodinamic, humanistic, existential, dispositional, learning theories. Psychology of the Individual. Humanistic Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalitic Social Theory. Object Relations Theory. Cognitive Social Learning Theory. Psychology of Personal Constructs.

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  • The process of functioning of the system of psychical self-regulation of behavior according to the type of "betrayal". The formation as a result of internal conflict of ego that is unable to constructively provide the function of care of self and others.

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  • Тesting a model proposing that transformational leaders build committed and high performing work groups by enhancing employee self-efficacy and cohesiveness. Results indicated support for the theoretical model in comparison to three alternative models.

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  • Strategic therapy. The family life cycle. The courtship period: changing the young adults. Marriage and its consequences. Childbirth and dealing with the young. Marriage and family dilemmas. Weaning parents from children and the pain of old age.

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  • Explicate and extend a theoretical approach that tried to avoid pitfall the approach of the Soviet psychologist and semiotics Lev Semenovich Vygotsky. Biographical sketch. The three themes that form the core of Vygotsky's theoretical framework.

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  • The comparison of the game in the dictator and ultimatum when participants know the names of their colleagues and there, and the impact of social preferences on economic behavior (allocation of money to anonymous strangers in the dictator game).

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  • The differences between how think and communicate men and women. The dramatic findings of new research on the brain. A investigating evolutionary biology. Analyzing and studying social changes. Consideration of the reasons why men do not listen.

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  • The article considered theoretical foundations of work - life balance programmes in psychological support of personnel. The analysis of the problem has shown changes in the social and psychological conditions of organizing the activities of enterprises.

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  • Поиск наиболее эффективного способа определения говорит ли правду человек. История создания детектора лжи, принципы его работы. Истоки применения его на практике. Способы определения говорит ли человек правду невооруженным глазом (без детектора лжи).

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  • Биография Альфреда Адлер, его достижения в области психологии. Сущность и истоки появления комплекса неполноценности. Влияние его проявления на личность человека, его характер и поведение. Стиль жизни как способ компенсации чувства собственной ущербности.

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