• Study of the article lexicology as industries of linguistics, its connection with the sections of linguistics. Description of word as an element of language. Correlation of phonetic and semantic types of motive in lexical units of English and Ukrainian.

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  • Abay Kunanbayev and its role in social and cultural life of Kazakhstan. The essence of language in his mission. The contribution of Kunanbaev in bringing the lyrical poetry of the second half of the ХIХ and early ХХ century to the classical level.

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  • Definition of an affricate, approaches to the Study. Transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet by combination of two letters. Using the tie to show that it is part of the same consonant. The status of affricates as a problem in the English.

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  • A study of rules of drafting of texts asking for permission, giving permission, talking about permission and refusing permission in English. Examples of drafting of affirmative and interrogative suggestions, rules of the use of verbs to can, to be.

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  • Characteristic of such aspects of speech sounds as articulatory, acoustic, auditory and functional. Study of the frequency of the main tone. Describe of intensity of sound. Analysis of the defined formant structure of spectra of vowels and consonants.

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  • Translation contextual of intercultural communication. Role of the media in international communication. Mentality and speech etiquette of nation. Features of journalistic style texts in Russian, English. Translation of newspaper and informational text.

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  • The land bridge, now recalled as Beringia, as the first gateway to Alaska. The Eskimos: Flexible Residents of the Arctic. The Athabascans: Nomads of the Interior. The Northwest Coast Indians. From the Russian Empire to the United States of America.

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  • A set of dialects of the English language used mostly in the United States. Tendency to use nouns as verbs. Lexical and grammatical differences between American English and British English. Differences in orthography are also minor. American vocabulary.

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  • Word and morpheme as a basic units of language. Minor ways of word-building, structure of Lexical Meaning. Types of synonyms, neologisms, learned words and official vocabulary. Slang, origin of the English words. American English and denotation.

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  • Holding America's annual fair with local themes and music. An analysis of the celebration of Christmas and Groundhog Daytime. Independence Day as a federal holiday in the United States. Conducting a study of the traditions of Americans on Halloween.

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  • The point of view of church on New Year's celebrations and traditions. For good luck in new year. Good old days. Christopher Columbus opened new continents. All Saints' Day and Thanksgiving Day. As Americans prepare for Christmas and it celebrate.

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  • Analyse the phonology and history of American Standard pronunciation. Show differences between pronunciation of different regions of America and compare them with each other. Consideration the General and local accent. Study of phonetics and intonation.

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  • Slang as a phenomenon in modern linguistics: terms, argot, jargon and their distinctions. Its place in language. The influence of the American youth slang and english language in general on a jargon of Belarusian young people, the stylistic features.

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  • Analysis of the official-business style of speech. Linguistic characteristics emotional valence of written applications. The structure of the most common lexical revolutions in American media speech. Consideration of oral and written communications.

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  • Brief survey of English morphological problems in the light of present-day linguistics. The principles of classification prescriptive and non-structural descriptive grammarians. Semantic features, finite forms of the verb. The problem of future tense.

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  • Characteristics of the major the types power control mechanisms of horizontal-axis wind turbines low capacity. The peculiarity of determining the prospects for the combined mechanical systems that include simultaneous rotation and assembly blades.

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  • The Roman conquest of Britain is a gradual process, beginning effectively in AD 43 under Emperor Claudius, whose general Aulus Plautius served as first governor. The Influence of English vocabulary after the Roman conquest. The problem of lingodidactics.

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  • Neologisms - words that have appeared in a language in connection with new phenomena, but which have not yet entered into the active vocabularies of a significant portion. Affixation as the process of adding one or more affixes to the root morpheme.

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  • Gershom Scholem as the greatest scholar, thinker of matters Jewish in the twentieth century. The "evil way" of the Jews. The nature and source of the Jewish spiritual order. Historical analysis of the development, particularities of German antisemitism.

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  • Major problems for airports inconvenience animals. Runways and their negative effects on the birds. Backfire in the air: pushing with the aircraft. One of the most important issue of modern aviation. Forms are designed to protect the beast talisman.

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