• The main application tasks developed for the analysis of social networks. The analysis of approaches to software development. Selection of project management tools. Especially the use of the programming language and integrated extension environment.

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  • The sun as the center of our solar system. The rotation of the planet around its axis in a counterclockwise direction, except for Venus and Uranus. Differences between the positions of the sphere relative to the old sol. Meteor as a "shooting star".

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  • Charles Dickens as famous English novelist of the Victorian period. Interest of English public to the press. Appearance of the first chapters of the "Posthumous messages of club". Comparison of Characters to Inanimate Objects. Basic works of Dickens.

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  • Development of thematic lesson plan foreign language. The history of cultural traditions of celebrating Christmas and new year in English-speaking countries. The origin and development of the legend of Santa Claus. Features Christmas trees and gifts.

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  • Major characteristics the particular quality of a consonant. Principles of classification of english consonants according to the type of obstruction, the manner of noise production, active organ of speech and to the position of the soft palate.

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  • Determination of the daily cadence of the systolic blood pressure of the patient. The development of the violation of the daily rhythm of chronotherapy in hypertensive disease by the type of "non-dipper". Purpose of taking antihypertensive drugs.

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  • Избыточность как условием, обеспечивающее возможность восстановления "разрушенного" речевого сообщения. Степень правильности восстановления текста как показатель его "читабельности". Исследование и анализ результатов серии экспериментов типа cloze tests.

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  • The article examines cognitive and structural-semantic parameters of the speech act of political apology by identifying its salient characteristics and pragmatic significance. The study sets out different types of political apology in the media discourse.

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  • Functional style: definition and classification. The problem of belles-lettres style. Scientific prose and publicistic styles peculiarities. The style of official documents and English newspapers. Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary.

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  • The meaning of the term "cognitive analysis method" in the framework of linguistic research. The nature and the peculiarities of the language. Ontology speech activity on the basis of objectivity and subjectivity of the information received in study.

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  • Description of idea and implementation process of creating color maps for any text at all, and particularly for the "Kobzar" Taras Shevchenko. KM - set, a grid of colored rectangles (or other shapes). Creation of the new format calculated CDF document.

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  • Color and its role in modern life. Comparative study of ways to describe colors in different languages. Idiom containing elements in their semantics color designations. The importance of some of the names of colors as an example of Kazakh ethnos.

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  • Communications, act as a transmission information from one place to another. Characteristics of verbal and non-verbal intercourse. The main connection channels in the world. The essence of the information exchange between cultures and social groups.

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  • Kentucky fried chicken as the second best global brand in the fast food industry in terms of value. Analysis of reliable grade in many countries. Feature providers fraud. Sale of unhealthy food to customers. Introduction of new products in the company.

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  • Slang and its specific features, the nature and types. Peculiarities of slang formation. The purpose of slang usage. Influence of slang on the english language. Principal characteristics and distinctive peculiarities of british and american slang.

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  • Characteristics of the poetry of Alfred Donald Davie, evaluation values of his creative contribution to the development of English literature. Analysis of the most famous works. Activities Davie as a translator, evaluation of achievements in this field.

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  • Isomorphisms and Allomorphisms in Structure of English and Ukrainian Words. Factors Facilitating the Typological Study of Lexicon. Identification of Semiotic Superclasses of Words. Specifically English Types of Word-Formation. Typology of the Adjective.

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  • Identification semiotic superclass words. Onomasiological semasiological and characteristics of the different language units. Word formation in English and Ukrainian. Typological features of the noun as a part of speech. Details the adjective and verb.

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  • The study of the adjectives in the English and Ukrainian languages. Their comparative analysis in the semantic groups. Differences and similarities of structure and meaning of adjectives. Lexical system of education of the words in the language.

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  • Peculiarities of compound words in English. Motivation of compound words. Homonymous derivational bases. Classification of British connections. Analysis of linguistic material. The relationship between the constituent words and phrases variables.

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