• Features of the content and nature of the concept of vocational advancement in the career expectations of future engineers-metallurgists. Analysis of the achievements of personnel status and provide a sense of satisfaction with professional growth.

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  • Thesaurus and typology of integration cooperation. Main types of strategies of vertical associations in the agricultural sector. Using farms quasi-integration for the management of foreign enterprises. Non-integration method for unstable competition.

    статья (165,1 K)
  • Analysis of definition of metaphor. Analysis of different approaches to study of metaphors. Analysis of the cognitive view of metaphor. Research conceptual metaphor theory as a new approach to the interpretation of science as a kind of cognitive activity.

    статья (200,2 K)
  • The dependence of linguistic peculiarities of the realization of genre model of the dynamics of changes in the communicative needs of the discourse community. Anthropocentric paradigm in the linguistics that proclaim indissoluble unity of language.

    статья (373,8 K)
  • The differences of conceptualization of some spatial concepts in English and Ukrainian languages. The juxtaposition of the spatial relations represented by the lexeme over and the schematization of similar spatial relations by Ukrainian prepositions.

    статья (447,1 K)
  • Utilization conceptual, etymological and definitional types of analysis the vision "ECONOMY". Linguistic verification in discourse this conceptual system. The structure of the meaning lexeme. Conceptualizing "economy" in the modern English world view.

    статья (231,7 K)
  • Sign of the concept of "world model" as a key to self-expression and life of man. Analysis of the global conception as a continual system of meanings that are constructed in the process of interpersonal interaction in interpreting texts subcultures.

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  • Analyze advertising discourse functioning in the context of the Internet. Importance of context of communication for fulfilling the purposes of communication process. Effective advertisements create associative links in the consciousness of a recipient.

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  • The study of typology of a foreign language for the aims of teaching. The task of the teacher is to work out the system of exercises aimed at correcting, eliminating mistakes. Of methods and techniques of teaching particular sounds and their variants.

    лекция (7,7 K)
  • Conversion, one of the principal ways of forming words in Modern English, is highly productive in replenishing the English word-stock with new words. Compounds and free word-groups, classification of compounds. Shortening and word-building processes.

    реферат (20,9 K)
  • Characteristics of the practical application of language Corpora. The composition and the form of the British National Corpus. The results of investigation of semantically-related words small/little. The peculiarity of the study corpus linguistics.

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  • Banker is the owner and manager of bank capital involved in the banking business. The importance of the teaching profession. The concept and content of the work of the seller, its importance in the economy. Professional responsibilities cleaner.

    презентация (393,4 K)
  • Curses as part of cultural life of the Ukrainian people. Analyze curses as a Ukrainian cultural tradition and their roots. Classification of expletives into three groups. The main socio-cultural functions (didactic, therapeutic and regulatory) curses.

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  • Фразеология в контексте культуры. Понятие и классификация фразеологической единицы, метафора в гастрономическом коде. Основные способы перевода фразеологических единиц. Фразеологизмы для "изделий из теста", "супов, бульонов", "мяса и мясных продуктов".

    дипломная работа (165,1 K)
  • Сoпocтaвительный aнaлиз руccкoгo и китaйcкoгo языкoв. Значения предлогов в китайском русском языках. Предлoги, вырaжaющие знaчение причины. Ocoбеннocти предлoгoв, передaющих временные oтнoшения. Предлoги прocтрaнcтвенных и cубъектнo-oбъектных oтнoшений.

    магистерская работа (176,3 K)
  • An analysis of the practical application of knowledge in the field of operation. Characteristics of the main levels and spheres of management. Study horizontal organizational structure. The peculiarity of managerial skills of the company manager.

    контрольная работа (16,7 K)
  • A semiotic approach to the explanation of the meaning of the translation. Types of translation, classification criteria, reasons of errors. Form of speech: written translation, oral translation (interpreting), dubbing, sight and screen translation.

    презентация (43,8 K)
  • Introduction of innovative rolling stock. A trait of improving the design of the body of gondola cars by frame organizations. Analysis of the reduction in the tare weight of a railway freight coach. Use in the design of aluminum alloys instead of steel.

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  • Homonyms in Russian and English languages, their classification. Synchronous and diachronic approach to the study of homonyms. Comparative typological analysis of linguistic phenomena in English and Russian. The etymological and semantic criteria.

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  • Formation of criteria and procedure for assessing the acceptability of the correctness of UV spectrophotometric techniques. Characteristic of the quantitative determination of analytes in biological fluids used in forensic toxicological analysis.

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