• Interrelation of efficiency and safety of scientific and technical activity taking into account risks of technologies of XXI century. Professional and social responsibility for ensuring security. Criteria for the safety of the dominant worldview vector.

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  • Самореалізація особистості як філософська проблема. Теоретико-методологічні засади філософського аналізу самореалізації. Постмодерністська альтернатива традиціоналістській методології дослідження самореалізації, її особливості в постсучасному просторі.

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  • Джон Локк как теоретик материалистического сенсуализма XVII-XVIII вв. Характеристика биографических данных Локка. Учение Локка о внешнем и внутреннем опыте. "Опыт о человеческом разумении" философа как объяснение цельной системы эмпирической философии.

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  • Рассмотрено понятие смысла жизни, смерти и бессмертия, с различных точек зрения. Виденье и трактовку изучаемых понятий такими известными личностями, как Платон, Кант, Спиноза, Рассел, Достоевский, Соловьёв, Фейербах, а так же с точки зрения религий.

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  • Філософеми, які впливають на ідентифікаційні процеси в гетерогенній українській глядацькій аудиторії. Типологія ідентичності, що репрезентується у серіалах українського медіапростору. Ідентифікаційні очікування аудиторії та культурно-цивілізаційні моделі.

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  • Biographical information about the life of Dante - the outstanding poet. Renaissance this is the era emergence of capitalist relations, folding national states and absolute monarchies. Characteristic of the philosophical thought of the Renaissance.

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  • Identification Derrida of concepts of availability, letters with concept of a deconstruction. Destructions as an exercise in geared-up "textualist" mystification in works of de Man. Doctrine about explosive character of dynamics of knowledge at Bachelard.

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  • Viewing Derrida's work in the context of recent French epistemology and philosophy of science. Acquaintance with the rationalist approach exemplified by thinkers such as Bachelard and Canguilhem concerning interpretation of concept of destruction.

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  • This work examines what it means to be a philosopher and attacks the sterility of modern philosophy. In this article explores the nature and scope of philosophy and its relation to social and economic development, science, art, literature and music.

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  • Metaphysics as a scientific discipline, designed the issues of availability andlogotsentrizma together. Investigation of the basic principles of metaphysics in the works of Peirce and Derrida, features and approaches. The results of these scientists.

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  • Criticism of power in the works of Derrida. Exposing them to violence and illegality of institutions. Provision of antagonisms within Western philosophy. The outside of ethical responsibility. Law, justice and authority. The politics of emancipation.

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  • The consolidation of Ukrainian society as a result of the dialogue inside the culture and dissemination practices of communication, tolerance and understanding people. The influence of plural cultural and civilizational and geopolitical influences.

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  • This essay gives an account of the exchanges between J. Derrida and H. Gadamer at the Goethe Institute in Paris in April 1981. An analysis of the questions that Derrida poses concerning "communication" as an axiom from which we derive decidable truth.

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  • The relations between empiricism and ekstenzionalizm theories. Their internal communication with a reductionism. Kantian distinction between the regulative and the constitutive theses. Their interpretation about the nature of knowledge and of language.

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  • Features and areas of research ethics category at the present stage of its relationship with morality, crimes of past years. The relationship between ethics and transcendence, the paradox of this relationship on the example of the Catholic Church.

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  • A Good Old-fashioned Future as authentic artifacts of postmodernity. Difference between commercial adventure stories and the equally cynical gonzo journalism. EBay is certainly the right word for our current collective unconscious. Birth of an aesthetic.

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  • Halperin explores a passage in Foucault’s History of Sexuality that is cited as claiming that before the 19-th century, sexual acts did not constitute a sexual identity. Halperin claim that the academic tradition misunderstands many of Foucault's ideas.

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  • Phelan is offers a systematic attempt to explore the point of convergance between feminist theory and the work of Foucault. Foucault’s idea that the body and sexuality are cultural constructs and its contribution to the feminist critique of essentialism.

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  • Freedom as a guiding theme for Michel Foucault throughout his philosophical career. The Capabilities Approach in political theory and development studies. Limit Experience and Human Fragility. The defining features of Foucault’s genealogical politic.

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  • Acquaintance with concept of archeology of knowledge. The forms of transcendental argument. The antiphenomenological answer to "a problem of language". Galilean system of thought. A phenomenological investigation of the history of scientic concepts.

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