• Characterization of the essence of the detectivization process. Investigation of the reasons for the active transition of the detective genre from the printed form and the cinema to the realities of everyday life, television news and communication.

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  • The consolidation of Ukrainian society as a result of the dialogue inside the culture and dissemination practices of communication, tolerance and understanding people. The influence of plural cultural and civilizational and geopolitical influences.

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  • This essay gives an account of the exchanges between J. Derrida and H. Gadamer at the Goethe Institute in Paris in April 1981. An analysis of the questions that Derrida poses concerning "communication" as an axiom from which we derive decidable truth.

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  • The relations between empiricism and ekstenzionalizm theories. Their internal communication with a reductionism. Kantian distinction between the regulative and the constitutive theses. Their interpretation about the nature of knowledge and of language.

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  • Features and areas of research ethics category at the present stage of its relationship with morality, crimes of past years. The relationship between ethics and transcendence, the paradox of this relationship on the example of the Catholic Church.

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  • A Good Old-fashioned Future as authentic artifacts of postmodernity. Difference between commercial adventure stories and the equally cynical gonzo journalism. EBay is certainly the right word for our current collective unconscious. Birth of an aesthetic.

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  • Halperin explores a passage in Foucault’s History of Sexuality that is cited as claiming that before the 19-th century, sexual acts did not constitute a sexual identity. Halperin claim that the academic tradition misunderstands many of Foucault's ideas.

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  • Phelan is offers a systematic attempt to explore the point of convergance between feminist theory and the work of Foucault. Foucault’s idea that the body and sexuality are cultural constructs and its contribution to the feminist critique of essentialism.

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  • Freedom as a guiding theme for Michel Foucault throughout his philosophical career. The Capabilities Approach in political theory and development studies. Limit Experience and Human Fragility. The defining features of Foucault’s genealogical politic.

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  • Acquaintance with concept of archeology of knowledge. The forms of transcendental argument. The antiphenomenological answer to "a problem of language". Galilean system of thought. A phenomenological investigation of the history of scientic concepts.

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  • Friendship - is so closely linked to the very definition of philosophy that without it, philosophy would not in fact be possible. The intimacy of friendship and philosophy is so deep that philosophy includes the philos, the friend, in its very name.

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  • Borges may employ what philosophy cannot, "mystery and the surprise effect in literature to achieve that sacred astonishment at the universe which is the origin of all true religion and metaphysics". Funes the Memorious: The logocentric linguist.

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  • The idea of freedom in the classical German philosophy. The most important fundamental characteristics of the classical German philosophy. K. Marx and the young hegelians. Contribution of Kant, Hegel and Feuerbach to the development of German philosophy.

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  • Refutation of the author of points of view, which he regards as dogmas ("absolutism" and "justificationism") of contemporary epistemology and to show that several prominent epistemological issues can be better understood once those dogmas are rejected.

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  • "Homo creator" як людина творча, яка вільна від страхів та переживань, певних граней та рубежів; активна, відкрита, ініціативна та креативна особистість, здатна створювати нове та незвідане в умовах якого розвиваються людська цивілізація і сама природа.

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  • Визначення світоглядне підґрунтя розуміння сутності людини в умовах становлення, розвитку інформаційного суспільства. Інтернет як агент політичної соціалізації. Філософія інформаційного права. Комунікація і діалог у контексті освітніх викликів сучасності.

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  • Специфика образа человека, сформированного в рамках двух отечественных культур (советской культуры сталинского периода и культуры общества потребления) с целью выявления его позитивной специфики. Демонстрация знаков изобилия в советской культуре.

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  • In this article John Searle attempts to derive "ought" from "is" and develops the concept of institutional facts. He show that the act of making a promise places one under an obligation by definition, and that such an obligation amounts to an "ought".

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  • The significance of W.V. Quine’s indeterminacy thesis. Quine’s view, the unit of analysis for empirically testing for individual expressions but whole sentences. The alternative and inconsistent translation schemes with the same patterns of stimulus.

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  • Indus valley civilization. The Vedic traditions. The Bhagavad-Gita is a moral path for all. The Laws of Manu. Structure of the Gita. Jnana yoga, Raja yoga and Karma-yoga is the path to liberation. Interior warfare and self-discovery. Impact of the Gita.

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