• Relationship between the mental and the physical. The contents of the concepts of mind and matter that is constitutive for the mind-body problem and accounts for the differences between the positions of materialism, dualism, idealism and panpsychism.

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  • Dictionary for teachers, students and interested readers. Encyclopedic character of the book. Correct definitions and descriptions of the philosophical terms. Schools of ancient, medieval and modern philosophy. Works of ancient and contemporary thinkers.

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  • Definition of democracy from the point of view of philosophy in Derrida's works. Interpretation of humanism or anthropologism as things in common of existentialism and christianity. The concept of phenomenology of thinking. Formal structure of a question.

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  • The imitative capacity in nonhuman primates, the expressive power of their communication system. Imitation as one of the most powerful social learning mechanisms. Conceptual Issues in the Study of Communication. Ontogenetic Design and Communication.

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  • A non-linear latent variable model, intended for modelling continuous, intrinsically low-dimensional probability distributions, embedded in high-dimensional spaces. The probability theory and statistics to address problems such as model complexity.

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  • The life and direction of scientific Kedvort as an outstanding thinker of his time, and prominent figures of the so-called School of Cambridge Platonism. The content of the teachings of the philosopher and the impact on the Cartesian dualism theory.

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  • Philosophical hermeneutics and destruction as interdependent postmodern philosophies. Hermeneuein as free interpretation of sense of interpretation of text of Gadamer. Acquaintance with the programmatic orientation of Derrida against absolutism of sense.

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  • Analysis of the philosophical views of historical slavery. Understanding Slavery thinkers of ancient, medieval, Renaissance and modern times. Slavery as the main form of exploitation along with serfdom and wage labor. The concept of slavery in Marxism.

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  • A philosophical fiction need not be philosophically useless. For Vaihinger a theoretical approach is of the as-if variety when the leading concepts employed in it are fictitious. The mental constructs on which Vaihinger concentrated are conceptual.

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  • The problem in the form of a paradox: how can it be both the case that words and other elements in a fictional story have their ordinary meanings and yet the rules that attach to those words and other elements and determine their meanings not complied.

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  • The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences is comprehensive reference work that represents the methodological and theoretical diversity of this changing field. At the core of the encyclopedia are concise entries, from Acquisition to X-bar Theory.

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  • The ontological difference is indeed the dominant theme in the history of philosophy. The symbolic difference in Political Philosophy. Political symbols will appear to be paradigmatic for the phenomenological reformulation of the ontological difference.

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  • Foucault’s passion is an evocation of pure Deleuzian haecceity. Characteristic Blanchot’s and Schroeter’s Passion. Bodies and pleasures, and the passion which animates them. Individuation through passion as a new distinction between affective states.

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  • Foucault as one of the most influential and controversial 20th century French philosophers. The research and presentation of the intellectual journey, his passion Nietzsche. The study of homosexuality, experimentation with drugs, hobbies and death.

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  • An overview of Jean-Luc Nancy's philosophical thought to date which situates it within the broader context of contemporary European thinking. His understanding of space and spatiality; his thinking about the body and embodiment; his political thought.

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  • Aristotle's understanding of the ethical principles of life in "The Nicomachean Ethics". The interpretation of the ancient monument of an eudemonism terms of modern philosophy. The use of theses thinker to morality and the development of modern society.

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  • Commitment by challenging what Marx called "traditional ideas", viewing them as historically complicit with the exercise of power. Foucault's alternative ideas of discourse/practice and of power as "positive" are moreover intricately linked in a way.

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  • Exploring the thought of Hegel, Saussure and Derrida regarding the nature of the linguistic sign. Derrida misrepresents thoughts Hegel and Saussure by interpreting them as falling within the Platonic rather than the Aristotelian philosophical tradition.

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  • The analysis of works of the philosopher and the writer McLuhan. A new awareness of McLuhan’s politics. Realisation prophecies about technological change. McLuhan’s politics are as "right-wing postmodern". Technical changes and the power of a myth.

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  • Charismatic modernism emerges not simply as a critique of literary practices, but as a critique of an everyday-life. Postmodernism and neo-conservatism and their resonating with the social movements and their Utopian vision of a post-bureaucratic society.

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