• Concept of individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, social outlook. Individualism and society. Emotional self-interest. Philosophical individualism (ethical egoism, existentialism, humanism, hedonism, solipsism, libertinism).

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  • Інтерсуб’єктивний варіант конституювання Я, запропонований М.М. Бахтіним у ранній період своєї творчості, як вагома передумова для формування діалогізму. Основні моменти естетичної концепції дослідника, які наголошують на еволюційному характері його ідей.

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  • The Yijing/Binary System Episode involved Leibniz' discovery of a de facto representation of the binary number system in the sixty-four-hexagram Fu Xi "Yijing." Understood and recognized the importance of the double geometric progression in the diagram.

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  • Consideration of philosophical and psychological characteristics of life strategies as a component of building living space personality. The contradictions that arise when preparing future professionals to design and implement strategies to life.

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  • Study the generally acknowledged definition of hermeneutics. Dynamics of development of the philosophical concept. The justification of the indissoluble unity of language semiotic and hermeneutic studies in the context of the process of interpretation.

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  • A formal system with its semantics, metatheory, and rules. The usual methods of empirical science to assess the correctness of his descriptions. Moderating the antipsychologism that permeates contemporary philosophical thinking about rationality.

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  • The critique of instrumental reason. Ideology and ideological state apparatuses (notes towards an Investigation). Determinacy and indeterminacy in the theory of ideology. ideology and its vicissitudes in western Marxism. Postmodernism and the market

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  • Introduction to medieval philosophy. A synthesis of the christian theology and logic. Apostolic fathers, directly adjacent to the apostles. Scholastica - a systematic medieval philosophy. Problems of body, soul. Achievements thinkers of the middle ages.

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  • The role of Eudaimonia in Aristotle's ethics. Some issues in Aristotle's moral psychology, virtue and reason. Projection and truth in ethics. Aesthetic value, objectivity and the fabric of the word. Meaning and intentionality in wittgenstein's philosophy.

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  • The purification of the human consciousness in the basis of Husserl's philosophy. The contribution of S. Freud, C. Jung and A. Adler to the philosophy. The development of social pathology in the writings of K. Horni. The greatest neofreudist E. Fromm.

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  • Consideration of problems related to the search for a new paradigm for preparing a person for life. The necessary features of the modern "global student". The essence of changes in postgraduate education, which continue to occur in the modern world.

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  • An issue both of great importance and of formidable complexity in suggesting that certain transformations of time-experience are intrinsically involved with modernism in art. Commodified time as an inherent part of experience in contemporary capitalism.

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  • 1950-s and 1960-s - a great historical change has taken place in, at least, industrial or postindustrial countries. The new era of Postmodernity philosophy is started. Characteristics creativity of the most famous, talented Italian postmodernist writers.

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  • Characteristic of the specificity of moral norms. Analysis of the formation of moral rules, principles and normative value of ideas. Study of the noral values in human existence. Characteristic of religion and religious values, and values in law.

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  • Аналіз причин зростання інтересу до феномена "меганаука". Аналіз соціогуманітарних наслідків перетворення науки доби Модерну на меганауку. Визначення поняття "культурний космос". Аналіз чинників інтенсифікації взаємодії між культурним космосом і людиною.

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  • In Anarchy, State and Utopia Nozick approaches political philosophy within a framework which at first sight seems both familiar and congenial to contemporary liberal thought. There are different concerns which lead people to call for greater equality.

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  • Creation of a new as the most important social need of a person, its connection with purposeful practical activity. The study of nature, content, socio-functional orientation of the activity of a creative person for the development of modern civilization.

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  • Truth as obviously a crucially important topic in a theory of knowledge. Consideration of the characteristics of transcendentalism and realism. The idea of a conceptual frame work as important in a consideration of the three philosophers in discussion.

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  • Consideration and characteristics of the basic parameters of the device of man, through the prism of sufi mystics. Description of the location of metaphysical anthropological parameters. Acquaintance with the views of the sufis on the knowledge of man.

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  • The most significant concepts in the philosophy of language. A feature of philosophical knowledge of the XX century. Hard determination of scientific apparatus of modern science. Exploring the theory and practice of interpretation by hermeneutics.

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