• Blended learning as a flexible form, which helps students to seek solutions to problems and to acquire knowledge. As well as perspective step from training in the form of traditional lectures, practical lessons and seminars to interactive learning.

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  • The problem of maintaining the motivation of students to study under the program is the vocabulary taken from various classical texts. The main advantages of attracting students to the study of films on the subject of the study of the vocabulary.

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  • A review of basic features of organization of educational process is in schools of Great Britain. Value of marks and system school estimating knowledges of student. Order of preparation to employments and lessons. Examples of school form of students.

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  • Acquaintance with history of creation and development of California institute of technology. Research and characteristic features of the student life traditions. Review of the list of the colleges. Studying requirements for students of computer science.

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  • Формування критичного мислення, що забезпечує високий рівень ефективного засвоєння інформації студентами-філологами. Методика розвитку критичного мислення студентів філологічних спеціальностей шляхом застосування методики кейс-навчання англійської мови.

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  • Особенности обучения школьников с использованием case-технологий. Преимущества и специфика метода на уроках математики в старших классах. Пример типовых тестовых заданий при ситуационном обучении "case studies". Изучение вспомогательных вопросов.

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  • Russian and Chinese cultural norms and behavior. Strategic partnership between Russia and China. The importance of communication styles in intercultural contacts. Communication styles, norms and values. Factors that influence the outcome of training.

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  • Analyses the psychological and generational peculiarities of adult education, which has become an important and growing sector in modern conditions. Characterization of influences the students self-development process in foreign language acquisition.

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  • The contribution of women-philanthropists H. Ostrozka and H. Gulevychivna in the development of the Ostrog and Kyiv-Mohyla Academies, using the experience in conditions of development of Ukrainian society. Moral and spiritual principles of benefactors.

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  • The importance of physical activity for children. Sociopedagogical phenomenon of Henryk Jordan - physician, social activist and founder of the sports theme parks for children. The new concept of Jordan, combining physical education with health problems.

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  • Identification and characterization of features cloud computing as an alternative to the classical model of education. Research and analysis values of the modern information technologies. Familiarization with some providers of the cloud solutions.

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  • Description of new cloud technologies for video editing in technological education as a new chance to break out of traditional training. The competitiveness of the services offered by modern cloud applications. Features applications Video Editor.

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  • The features of the process of transition from high school to College. The process of converting pupils to students. The value of reading for the formation and development of students, advantages and disadvantages of living in a room with a roommate.

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  • General issues of home reading teaching. Home reading as a goal and means of foreign language learning. Communicative-visual means as the essential part in home reading teaching. Difficulties in using communicative-visual means in home reading teaching.

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  • Educational systems in the United States, Great Britain and Russia alike. Distance learning students at the university. Russian education system. Select items in accordance with the professional interests of students. Academy of Political and colleges.

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  • A number of factors, which form a certain algorithm of educational activity and the process of formation of specialist professional competencies are considered in the article. The importance of the development of monitoring tools is emphasized in it also.

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  • The analysis how business students can achieve communication skills, namely listening and speaking, through computer-based interactive simulations. Today’s foreign language teaching. Methods using computer applications and multimedia environments.

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  • The important tools for the organization of teaching and educational activities in schools.Innovations and modernization of the school curriculum and textbooks.Implementation of the education reform in Vietnam after 2015, standards and key criteria.

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  • Familiarity with the main provisions of the didactic system of physical culture and sports, associated with the construction of the theory of optimal education. Analysis of the structure of an optimal model of education in the field of physical culture.

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  • Requirements for individual of the teacher of artistic disciplines. The problem of artistic and interpretive competence of future teacher of musical disciplines. Competence approach to musical and performing training of future teachers of music art.

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